Exploring Wesleyan Theology and Asbury Revival with Dr. Kenneth J. Collins

45m | Mar 13, 2023

In this episode, Dr. Kenneth J. Collins, a leading scholar in historical theology and Wesley Studies, shares his expertise in Wesleyan theology and his forthcoming book. Dr. Collins also talks about the Asbury University Revival, highlighting the emphasis on holiness, a distinguishing factor of the Wesleyan tradition. The conversation covers John Wesley's biography, unique approach to interreligious dialogue, theology and approach to ministry, understanding of the gospel and the work of the Holy Spirit, and theology of justice, advocacy, and caring for the vulnerable. The episode also explores early American Methodism and slavery and the similarities between John Calvin's and John Wesley's understanding of original sin. Dr. Collins discusses the intentional approach to discipleship in the Wesleyan tradition and how it compares to other forms of evangelism. This podcast aims to provide expert insights that will deepen our understanding of faith and the world around us and help people explore the big questions and ideas that matter most.

(Re)Orthodox Theology