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You Might Have a Point

"You Might Have a Point" is a podcast (and a blog) made with the intent of promoting productive conversation about politics and related topics, including philosophy, psychology, and culture. Email with questions and feedback.


Paul Kuhne and Luke Phillips on depolarization, epistemology, and ideology
Show Details1hr 3min
Steven Nelson on covering the Trump and Biden administrations
Show Details45min 13s
Episode 14: Iona Italia on leading Areo Magazine and Free Speech
Show Details56min 57s
Jonathan Chan on racial injustice and serving the community of Richmond, Virginia
Show Details52min 51s
Interview with Xavier Bonilla
Show Details1hr 5min
Interview with Angel Eduardo
Show Details58min 44s
Episode 10: Interview with Joe Luppino-Esposito
Show Details40min 56s
Interview with Jamie Weinstein
Show Details59min 45s
Interview with Brittany Talissa King
Show Details44min 55s
Interview with Joshua Schwartz
Show Details37min 49s
Interview With Aaron Rabinowitz
Show Details57min 23s
Interview with Yoel Inbar and Michael Inzlicht
Show Details1hr 19min
Interview with Matt Lewis
Show Details41min 7s
Interview with Bill Scher
Show Details46min 53s
Interview with Maxim Lott
Show Details24min 35s
Interview with the Co-Founders of Pairagraph
Show Details30min 12s