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You Got 2 Know

Join our hosts, Bo and The Unknowable Co-Host, as they invite a friend every episode for a nostalgic retrospective on TV from the unique era of 1995 to 2005. From cult classics to canceled gems, we discuss it all here on You Got 2 Know.


YG2K 10: Doctor Whom?
Show Details50min 26s
YG2K 9: Ghost in the Tomato Slicer
Show Details50min 9s
YG2K 8: Happy Birthday, Smallville!
Show Details52min 45s
YG2K 7: Sam Raimi Turn Your Location On We Just Want To Talk
Show Details1hr 4min
YG2K 6: Friendly Sibling Peer Pressure
Show Details1hr
YG2K 5: What has that vampire got?? A GUN!
Show Details47min 43s
YG2K 4: GMC, or Genetically Modified Catgirls
Show Details1hr 34min
YG2K 3: Dan Scott Anti Squad
Show Details1hr 5min
YG2K 2: God Help Our Wayward Sons
Show Details1hr 5min
YG2K 1: Cuckoo Bird Changeling Child
Show Details1hr 3min
You Got 2 Know Teaser Trailer
Show Details33s