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You are the best wife (Hindi Audio Drama)

This is a Hindi audio drama adaptation of "You are the best wife", a true love story based on author Ajay Pandey's own life.

Ajay went to an engineering college in Allahabad, where he met Bhavna. Both of them fell in love with each other. This is the story of how their love blossoms from their engineering days, their fight through parental opposition to "inter-caste love marriage" and their fight against fate itself.

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Episode 5: The Most Romantic Hour of My Life
Show Details11min 35s
Episode 4: Pioneer Computers and my Dreamliner Cycle
Show Details11min 6s
Episode 3: Freshers’ Party Preparations
Show Details16min 42s
Episode 2: My first Interaction with Bhavana
Show Details11min 28s
Episode 1: Ragging is a Criminal offence
Show Details14min 32s