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YonginKotesol Podcast

The official podcast of the Yongin Chapter of Kotesol.


Audiobook: You are Not a Metaphor by Andrew Van Wey
Show Details59min 12s
E36: Author, Andrew Van Wey, Part 1
Show Details23min 45s
E35: Summer '22 Road Show
Show Details15min 54s
E34: The Boys
Show Details3min 54s
E33: June YoKo Meet and Greet BBQ Roundup
Show Details6min 39s
E32: Contest! Name that Kotesol Voice (Ladies)
Show Details4min 17s
E31: 2022-IC: Lindsay Herron
Show Details36min 30s
E30: 2021 Takeaway
Show Details18min 21s
2021-NC: The Lattice (An homage to The Matrix)
Show Details12min 51s
2021-NC: The Yin & Yang of Reel to Real
Show Details25min 27s
2021-NC: Thinking of Filmmaking?
Show Details8min 11s
2021 Film Festival & National Conference - 1
Show Details38min 34s
2021-NC: National Conference
Show Details19min 31s
Kristy Dolson
Show Details53min 36s
Rob Julien
Show Details42min 34s
Leonie Overbeek, Pt.3
Show Details18min 50s
Leonie Overbeek, Pt. 2
Show Details40min 40s
Leonie Overbeek, Pt.1
Show Details25min 53s
2021-IC: Gerd Leonhard
Show Details16min 38s
2021-IC: Kirsten Razzaq
Show Details42min 22s
2021-IC: Rhea Metituk
Show Details43min 22s
2021-IC: Michael Free & Lindsay Herron
Show Details48min 5s
2021-IC: Dorothy Zemach
Show Details56min 18s
2021-IC: David Barker
Show Details26min 37s
Stewart Gray
Show Details30min 54s
Wayne Finley
Show Details56min 56s
Martin Todd
Show Details36min 54s
James Rush lll, Part 2
Show Details24min 38s
James Rush lll, Part 1
Show Details26min 22s