Yield Podcast

No pursuit of purpose is successful without a yielded heart, and we can all agree pursuing purpose also takes monetary means. To truly yield is to both, produce or increase in wealth and submit to God. The Yield Podcast is a series of conversations with those who embody one or both concepts, to empower actionable steps to impact our little piece of this world.


Your Story Matters [Part Two] | Lucas Skrobot
Show Details31min 26s
'Your Story Matters [Part One] | Lucas Skrobot
Show Details45min 17s
Live The Dream | Lindsey Gurk
Show Details37min 52s
How God Uses Finances | Lyle Phillips
Show Details34min 2s
Investments, Philanthropy, & Self Care | Whitney Chaffin
Show Details1hr 19min
What If Your Purpose Is Bigger Than You? | Josh MacDonald
Show Details58min 55s
Execute Your Vision & Grow Healthy Relationships | Carla Pratico
Show Details48min 37s
What Is The Yield Podcast?
Show Details2min 8s