Yield Podcast

Investor & serial entrepreneur, Brooke Payne is passionate about the three fold meaning of YIELD: to rest, create, and be financially free.

Believing multiple streams of income, and personal development are important, but void without first Yielding your life to God's leadership.

Grow your side hustle organically, and learn how to discern the still small voice to lead you into bigger vision.

The Yield Podcast is a series of conversations with those who embody these concepts, to empower actionable steps to impact our little piece of this world.

To truly yield is to both, produce & increase, meanwhile preferring others, and above all preferring the direction and leading of a personal relationship with Jesus.


Lies We Believe About Sex + Human Connection | Dr Glenn & Phyllis Hill
Show Details1hr 1min
Self Care Redefined | Alex Elle
Show Details29min 34s
Fashioned For Greatness Stories Of Prophetic Business | Ogo Ekweozor-Holley
Show Details1hr 4min
Faith, Freelance, + Co-Creating | Andrew Lennon
Show Details35min 16s
Black Stories of White Privilege & Hope for Unity | June Archer
Show Details1hr 4min
The Economy of Music | Kody & Alex Christopher of Young In A Million
Show Details1hr 2min
Jesus In A Bar [Part Two] | Chris Burns
Show Details46min 43s
Jesus In A Bar [Part One] | Chris Burns
Show Details50min 48s
The Story Behind Deeply Rooted Magazine | Dianne Jago
Show Details31min 22s
Your Story Matters [Part Two] | Lucas Skrobot
Show Details31min 26s
'Your Story Matters [Part One] | Lucas Skrobot
Show Details45min 8s
TV Host By Day + Fashion Blogger By Night | Lindsey Gurk
Show Details37min 54s
God's Method To Make More | Lyle Phillips
Show Details34min 4s
Investments, Philanthropy, & Self Care | Whitney Chaffin
Show Details1hr 18min
Could Your Purpose Be Bigger Than You? | Josh MacDonald
Show Details58min 28s
What is Holding You Back In Your Business + Marriage | Carla Pratico
Show Details47min 9s
What Is The Yield Podcast?
Show Details2min 8s