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Hosted by Dickson Morande, this Aqute Media production is meant to discuss the issues that otherwise people shy away from. Tunein for the very most provoking conversations meant to help you uncover the hidden societal issues. YellowTape features guests in the episodes and explores issues from religion, entrepreneurship, culture, economy, climate change etc!


YellowTape Installment 26 - Managing Personal Finances
Show Details2hr 10min
YellowTape Installment 25 - Owning Your Career.
Show Details54min 18s
YellowTape Installment 24 - Entrepreneurship, New Innovation and Decision Making.
Show Details51min 22s
YellowTape Installment 23 - Is It Time to Throw Away Your Frying Pan? With Udo Erasmus
Show Details55min 58s
YellowTape Installment 22 - Fuel Prices & Who's Fault is it
Show Details39min 40s
YellowTape Installment 21 - Mel of Zack & Mel: Investing in the NSE and Role of Record Labels
Show Details1hr 16min
YellowTape Installment 20 - Is Voting Worth it?
Show Details1hr 15min
YellowTape Installment 19 - Building Empathy & Compassion with Kennedy "Ashley" Otieno
Show Details57min 53s
YellowTape Installment 18 - ISPs & Fair Usage Policies
Show Details59min 12s
Yellowtape Installment 17 - How to Build a Brand with Orac Branding Founders Munene Githira & Vanessa Mwaniki
Show Details2hr 37min
Yellowtape Installment 16 - Fiona & Phelo All Out
Show Details45min 35s
Yellowtape Installment 15 - GLORIA ORWOBA-BJERRING Sees Potential in the Youth Pt1
Show Details46min 20s
YellowTape Installment 14 - Bernard Momanyi on Building Social Capital, Urbanizations effect on Food Industry and Mental Growth an Entrepreneur needs to build a successful business in Kenya
Show Details1hr 2min
Yellowtape Installment 13 - Loosing Traditional Cultures Plus Individualism Talk
Show Details26min 17s
YellowTape Installment 12 - Engineering Students Association of University of Nairobi
Show Details29min 37s
YellowTape Installment 11 - Invest or Save with Wairimu Wanjiku
Show Details1hr 13min
YellowTape Instalment 10 - Boychild Struggles and Random Topics
Show Details1hr 6min
YellowTape Installment 9 - Is The Boy Child Okay And Who Takes Him To The Right Track
Show Details1hr 21min
YellowTape Installment 8 - The Gaming Industry with Robert Machoka
Show Details54min 25s
YellowTape Installment 7 - A Look At The Economy with Emmanuel Ouma
Show Details53min 52s
YellowTape Installment 6 - Public Relation Practice and Music Management
Show Details1hr 24min
YellowTape Installment 5 - Dennis Shisia Talking Campus Lady Magazine and Start Ups
Show Details59min 43s
YellowTape Installment 4 - Marira and Trippy Geng Talk Social Media Marketing And Music
Show Details1hr 16min
YellowTape Installment 3 - Allan Minani Talks Podcasting Industry and Entrepreneurship
Show Details1hr 52min
YellowTape Installment 2 - Entrepreneurship through the eyes of a Kenyan Youth & Self-discovery Journey
Show Details1hr 31min
YellowTape Installment 1 - Climate Change and Environmental Conservation
Show Details1hr 3min
YellowTape: Tapping into eCommerce
Show Details1hr 12min
YellowTape (Mashujaa Special) - Overcoming Depression, Our Fears And Becoming Better Version Of Us
Show Details43min 22s
YellowTape: SAGA Initiative
Show Details1hr