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Yellow Fever

We are Yellow Fever, two teens navigating their way throughout high school, and we are bringing you along for the journey. Here we talk about everything, literally everything. We are just your average teens, nothing more (maybe a little less). Here, you can get an inside look on the life of a high schooler (surprise, it's not like High School Musical). It could suck or be amazing, but we'll be your guides. Instagram: @officialyellowfeverpodcast


Life Goes On
Show Details50min 38s
Tales of Our Youth (1)
Show Details49min 44s
A Culmination of the College Process
Show Details47min 17s
Show Details31min 10s
Reflecting on the College Admissions Process
Show Details51min 8s
Attachment Issues
Show Details29min 37s
Growing Up
Show Details44min 22s
2021 Recap
Show Details52min 38s
Show Details40min 45s
Blast to the Past
Show Details41min 7s
Catching Up
Show Details30min 39s
The Three S's: Stress, School, and Social Lives
Show Details35min 50s
The Reunion
Show Details45min 42s
Seeking Independence
Show Details23min 20s
Adjusting to Change
Show Details25min 25s
Imposter Syndrome and Feeling Like a Fraud
Show Details41min 13s
A Look Back at Summer
Show Details41min 25s
Taking Risks and Meeting New People
Show Details35min 7s
Love Languages
Show Details28min 34s
Ending Relationships and Moving On
Show Details47min 26s
Caring Too Much About What Other People Think
Show Details43min 6s
Bad Habits
Show Details38min 56s
Relationships and Hookup Culture
Show Details46min 1s
Shooting Our Mouths Off 1
Show Details38min 5s
The Problems with Gender Norms
Show Details38min 36s
Junior Year in Review
Show Details59min 37s
The Music We Like
Show Details42min 58s
Our Summer Predictions
Show Details40min 30s
Would You Rather...?
Show Details43min 34s
Birthdays and Traditions
Show Details42min 13s
Fearing Burnout
Show Details44min 33s
Things We Love
Show Details45min 24s
Acne and Beauty Standards
Show Details34min 32s
Branden Almost Got Kidnapped
Show Details37min 57s
The Truth About Losing Friends
Show Details30min 53s
Dealing with Stress and Mental Health
Show Details47min 9s
The Pandemic ft. Idle Thoughts
Show Details45min 28s
A Year of COVID-19
Show Details28min 55s
Having an Existential Crisis
Show Details46min 28s
we made google slides presentations for each other
Show Details38min 24s
Dear Chloe
Show Details41min 50s
Body Positivity and Shaming
Show Details41min 3s
Ranking 2000s Childhood Snacks
Show Details45min 32s
Things We Hate
Show Details44min 42s
Life as a New Yorker
Show Details41min 15s
Word Vomit Session
Show Details46min 29s
Bucket Lists
Show Details35min 19s
Conspiracy Theories and the Paranormal
Show Details45min 2s
Fashion Over the Years
Show Details44min 56s
Answering Deep Questions
Show Details44min 8s
Hopes for 2021
Show Details46min 39s
2020 In Review
Show Details44min 30s
The Holidays and Childhood Stories
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pov: you're on a facetime call with us but you can't see our faces
Show Details45min 1s
Toxic Cancel Culture and TikTok
Show Details46min 1s
Brandon Bernard and Systemic Racism
Show Details44min 51s
Rating Halloween Candies
Show Details42min 8s
Branden's SAT Experience and Pet Names
Show Details46min 5s
Harsh Reality of High School
Show Details44min 24s
The Start of a Journey
Show Details6min 24s