Yankee Air Pirate

The Yankee Air Pirate Podcast tells the stories of Captain Richard A. Stratton, USN (Ret) - Tales of Southeast Asia.

-These stories include the shoot down itself, the torture he endured, the propaganda campaign by the North Vietnamese, life as a POW in Vietnam, and conversations about many great American heroes as told by Richard Stratton, himself.

-The show will also include the stories of other great American patriots in their own words when they join us for an episode.

-The Yankee Air Pirate podcast is hosted by Richard Stratton’s oldest son; Patrick Stratton, a US Naval Academy graduate and former US Marine Corps Captain.

- It’s best to start at episode #1, the story is designed to be heard in sequence.

- Contact: To send a note to the Yankee Air Pirate send email to: We would love to hear from you!

-Some of the podcast player platforms that Yankee Air Pirate is available on include: Apple iTunes Podcast Player, RADIO PUBLIC, SPOTIFY, Stitcher, and Google Player. Just Search for: "Yankee Air Pirate”

Semper Fi


Paul Galanti-Hanoi POW March-EP#17
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Training for War - EP.#5
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The Mad Bomber of Hanoi - Ep.#4
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Who Won the Army Navy Game - Ep.#3
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The Hanoi Hilton Ep. #2
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