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Yah We Rise!

Yah calls for all of His children to rise! Join us in the uprising of the children and servants of the God all over the world!

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Yo Breaf Stinks!
Show Details37min 19s
Be Vigilant
Show Details38min 15s
The Mustard Seed That Could…
Show Details34min 11s
The Discipline of the Father
Show Details35min 49s
My Friends! Are They With Me OR Against Me??
Show Details1hr 5min
Know Your Truth
Show Details36min 42s
The Fear of a New Beginning
Show Details33min 44s
Gay Pride = Straight Fall
Show Details58min 46s
The Accuser of the Truth
Show Details39min 58s
The 911 Call
Show Details44min 28s
The Truth About “No Sex Before Marriage”
Show Details59min 18s
Your Bulletproof Vest
Show Details53min 16s
God over google or google over God?
Show Details57min 2s
Test Everyone Around You
Show Details46min 3s
Cross Your River
Show Details1hr 8min
The Reset Button
Show Details53min 24s