Yaar Lambi Nahi Karo

This show is all about exploring various aspects of storytelling and how sound plays important role to shape any content. Danish Sheikh, Music composer/ Content Creator, have been actively working in various mediums like radio, television, movies, etc. Episodes features music, movies, cricket and all the things that can be LAMBIfied and will be accompanied by guests to discuss the same.

Stay tuned for weekly episodes of Awara Parinday Sound Studio presents " Yaar Lambi Nahi Karo" by Danish

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Episode 3 - "Khwaab, Sapne, Dreams - Dekh liya karo "
Show Details4min 17s
Episode 2 - "Job & Music"
Show Details19min 38s
Episode 1 - "Taaruf"
Show Details6min 2s
Podcast vs Radio... Is radio dying?
Show Details4min 47s