Raucous Bacchus

This Podcast will hopefully cover a number of topics, but at it's heart it is about Friendship and helping others.

So please enjoy your listen and feel free to send hate mail, suggestions, or a pat on the back to;

Have a listen to Derick, the first in a series of interviews. It may help you or someone with PTSD.

The Podcast entitled "friends" starts slow, but has a big finish.


Bill Benn/Human Intelligence gathering.
Show Details51min 26s
Steve Robinson talks Moral injury and art.
Show Details58min 47s
Ahos say Thanks 4/4
Show Details26min 29s
Ahos say Thanks 3/4
Show Details29min 21s
Ahos say Thanks part 2 of 4
Show Details9min 21s
Ahos say Thanks Part 1 of 4
Show Details31min 16s
Love letters to the Ahos
Show Details30min 14s
Shane Stackpole Forging ahead
Show Details51min 56s
Peanuts; a revenge tale
Show Details8min 4s
Dr McLaghlan PTSD treatment
Show Details29min 39s
Chief - A love Story Part 3
Show Details37min 21s
A brief thanks from Chief and Michelle
Show Details1min 21s
Chief - A love Story Part 2
Show Details20min 26s
Chief - A love Story Part 1.5
Show Details14min 48s
Chief - A love Story Part 1
Show Details26min 19s
Thinking Outside the PTSD Treatment box.
Show Details1hr 1min
Marillyn, Healing through Art Therapy.
Show Details1hr 16min
Frank Musten, PTSD and OSI; a Psychologist's point of view.
Show Details41min 17s
Pete - Mental Injuries and the Ontario Provincial Police
Show Details1hr 22min
Joanne Robertson PTSD - Laughter is the best medicine, and the best mask.
Show Details1hr 5min
Another Suicide
Show Details3min 26s
Royce PTSD Moving forward Part 3 of 3 Also 30 seconds of dead air to start
Show Details4min 3s
Royce PTSD Moving forward Part 2 of 3
Show Details8min 8s
Royce - PTSD Moving forward part 1 of 3
Show Details39min 37s
Phil Badanai - Ambush!!! PTSD #2 in series.
Show Details1hr 1min
PTSD Derick Lewis - What may help Others
Show Details1hr 25min
Friends is a slow start with a big finish.
Show Details26min 47s