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This Podcast will hopefully cover a number of topics, but at it's heart it is about Friendship and helping others.

So please enjoy your listen and feel free to send hate mail, suggestions, or a pat on the back to; steveckoppang@gmail.com

Have a listen to Derick, the first in a series of interviews. It may help you or someone with PTSD.

The Podcast entitled "friends" starts slow, but has a big finish.


Once a Junkie...Part 2
Show Details37min 25s
Once a Junkie...PART 1
Show Details22min 17s
Stack 'em up. Killing from above. Part 3
Show Details18min 5s
Stack 'em up. Killing from above. Part 2
Show Details39min 48s
Stack 'em up. Killing from above Part 1
Show Details34min 58s
Show Details1hr 30min
Paramedic - Pressures, Patients, and PTSD Part 2
Show Details47min 53s
Paramedic - Pressures, Patients, and PTSD Part one
Show Details33min 39s
Cheryl starts a Fire Pt 3 (Resurrection)
Show Details18min 31s
Cheryl Starts a Fire Pt2 (Phoenix Rising)
Show Details40min 3s
Cheryl starts a Fire Pt 1 (Ashes)
Show Details35min 14s
Building Mental Resiliency .
Show Details45min 42s
Cannibalism, god, and Special Forces. Part 2
Show Details55min 59s
Cannibalism, god, and Special Forces Part 1
Show Details1hr 5min
We got Sole; Jaret Sole
Show Details59min 22s
Bob Moneypenny - a guy who knows stuff.
Show Details1hr 4min
Mark Allred - Cannabis health specialist
Show Details54min 2s
Wendy Jocko - A woman not to be trifled with.
Show Details1hr 16min
Introduce you to a Death Doula/Lifecycle Celebrant .Part 2
Show Details12min 18s
Introduce you to a Death Doula/Lifecycle Celebrant. Part 1
Show Details56min 47s
Contact Front!
Show Details47min 6s
Sanctuary trauma and sexual assault in the Canadian military
Show Details1hr 2min
Greg Tate discusses the horror that was so called Peace Keeping.
Show Details57min 27s
LGBTQ - Just like everyone you know.
Show Details59min 31s
Denial, not a river in Egypt
Show Details1hr 3min
Bill Benn/Human Intelligence gathering.
Show Details51min 26s
Steve Robinson talks Moral injury and art.
Show Details58min 47s
Ahos say Thanks 4/4
Show Details26min 29s
Ahos say Thanks 3/4
Show Details29min 21s
Ahos say Thanks part 2 of 4
Show Details9min 21s
Ahos say Thanks Part 1 of 4
Show Details31min 16s
Love letters to the Ahos
Show Details30min 14s
Shane Stackpole Forging ahead
Show Details51min 56s
Peanuts; a revenge tale
Show Details8min 4s
Dr McLaghlan PTSD treatment
Show Details29min 39s
Chief - A love Story Part 3
Show Details37min 21s
A brief thanks from Chief and Michelle
Show Details1min 21s
Chief - A love Story Part 2
Show Details20min 26s
Chief - A love Story Part 1.5
Show Details14min 48s
Chief - A love Story Part 1
Show Details26min 19s
Thinking Outside the PTSD Treatment box.
Show Details1hr 1min
Marillyn, Healing through Art Therapy.
Show Details1hr 16min
Frank Musten, PTSD and OSI; a Psychologist's point of view.
Show Details41min 17s
Pete - Mental Injuries and the Ontario Provincial Police
Show Details1hr 22min
Joanne Robertson PTSD - Laughter is the best medicine, and the best mask.
Show Details1hr 5min
Another Suicide
Show Details3min 26s
Royce PTSD Moving forward Part 3 of 3 Also 30 seconds of dead air to start
Show Details4min 3s
Royce PTSD Moving forward Part 2 of 3
Show Details8min 8s
Royce - PTSD Moving forward part 1 of 3
Show Details39min 37s
Phil Badanai - Ambush!!! PTSD #2 in series.
Show Details1hr 1min
PTSD Derick Lewis - What may help Others
Show Details1hr 25min
Friends is a slow start with a big finish.
Show Details26min 47s