WWE Mentality

For people who live and breathe WWE and want an honest fanboy description of what my co-host Jamie aka JR and I (Justin) feel about all things WWE!


10/17 - Recapping Smackdown Live, Monday Night RAW and the WWE Draft
Show Details41min
WWE Mentality Interviews - Jessie Jones
Show Details16min 11s
10/10 - Recapping Smackdown on Fox, Hell in a Cell, RAW and the upcoming WWE Draft
Show Details53min 30s
10/4 - RAW Recap, Smackdown Predictions and Hell In A Cell Predcitions
Show Details49min 11s
RAW, Smackdown Live and NXT Recap 9/26
Show Details57min 47s
Recapping Clash of Champions, RAW, Smackdown and NXT
Show Details1hr 6min
RAW & Smackdown Live Recap, Clash of Champions Predictions
Show Details1hr 2min
WWE Mentality Interviews
Show Details33min 30s
Monday Night RAW & Smackdown Live Recap 8/26-8/27
Show Details22min 59s
SummerSlam, Monday Night RAW & Smackdown Live Recap
Show Details54min 42s
Summerslam 2019 Preview
Show Details19min 58s
Monday Night RAW and Smackdown Live Recap 8-8
Show Details51min 35s
RAW & Smackdown Live Recap
Show Details47min 27s
RAW Reunion and Smackdown Live Recap
Show Details1hr 2min
WWE Mentality Relaunch/Weekly Recap
Show Details1hr 3min
SuperShowdown Preview
Show Details10min 35s
Money In The Bank PPV Recap as well as RAW & Smackdown Live previews
Show Details24min 53s
Recapping Monday Night RAW 5/13 and Smackdown Live 5/14
Show Details32min 3s
Monday Night RAW and Smackdown Live Preview
Show Details19min 13s
Monday Night Raw & Tuesday Smackdown Live Preview 5/6
Show Details16min 39s
WWE Mentality Bonus Feature
Show Details37min 53s
WWE Weekly Recap 5/1!!
Show Details27min 30s
RAW and Smackdown Live Preview 4/29
Show Details15min 9s
WWE Weekly Recap, 4/24
Show Details27min 26s
Foreshadowing RAW and Smackdown Live.
Show Details15min 10s
I’m back and here to stay.
Show Details6min 19s
Recapping Wrestlemania 35 and what’s to come on the RAW after.
Show Details11min 41s
Crazed Fan Attacks The Hitman!!
Show Details6min 16s
Wrestlemania 35
Show Details26min 48s
Who Justin is...
Show Details9min 2s
The launching of WWE Mentality!
Show Details4min 58s