Interview with film maker Kalani Hubbard (director of SKYE HOSHI: ANIME GIRL)

Season 4 | Episode 55
58m | Apr 15, 2023

SKYE HOSHI: ANIME GIRL is a live action fantasy movie created by Pure Magic Pictures.

Anime character Skye Hoshi mysteriously becomes real and falls out of her poster, it’s up to slacker comic store employee Atom to help her get back home before her anime is destroyed.

Pure Magic Pictures is an independent film studio and streaming service owned and operated by married couple Kalani & Stefanie Hubbard. The streaming service launched in 2022. They create fun and heartfelt movies and tv shows for punk, geeks, and comic lovers. Available worldwide.

Kalani Hubbard is an award-winning writer & director. His critically acclaimed feature debut “Plunder Quest” has been praised by fans and critics for it’s fresh take on a classic adventure film.

He’s pushed his imagination even further on his newest creation, Skye Hoshi: Anime Girl. A fantasy epic where he is the writer, director and cinematographer.

Kalani’s known for his love for comedy and energetic music, which always finds it’s way into his films. He always plays a small character in his films, this time around, he plays the role of “Justin” the drummer in Skye Hoshi: Anime Girl.

He started the streaming platform “Pure Magic Pictures” with his wife Stefanie to showcase all of the movies & shows they produce together.


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