Where's the Handbook

When failing to find a step-by-step guide on how to get over a breakup, Elizabeth found herself writing her own. She's now turned that into a podcast to discuss the different realities we face. Everybody's got a story to tell, and chances are someone, somewhere can relate. Welcome to Where's the Handbook: A (not so) professional guide on how to handle life's unexpected twists.


For Coming Out
Show Details52min 22s
For Understanding Elizabeth
Show Details41min 28s
For Taboo Topics
Show Details44min 2s
From David's Perspective Vol. 2
Show Details41min 55s
For When Someone You Love Struggles With Addiction Vol. 1
Show Details26min 11s
From Barney's Perspective...
Show Details45min 21s
For Getting Over Your Ex
Show Details37min 40s
For When You're Dumped In Paradise
Show Details39min 29s
For Starting a Podcast
Show Details16min 52s
Show Details2min 23s