Sandinistas Speak, Nicaraguans Defend Their Revolution

31m | Jul 14, 2023


Sandinistas Speak. Nicaraguans Defend their Revolution

This episode is bi-lingual with subtitles.

PRODUCER and HOST: Ramiro Sebastian Funez

Friday, June 30, WTF returned to Managua, Nicaragua to do follow-up study of Caribbean Coast government funded infrastructure projects and to celebrate the 44th Anniversary of the Sandinista Revolution on July 19. While on assignment, each week we will share with you segments of the documentary Nicaragua Against Empire. The film journals our March 2021 Sanctions Kill / Friends of the ATC, Nicaragua delegation

In this episode, you hear directly from working-class Nicaraguans who support their socialist government. You also hear their thoughts about U.S. sanctions and regime change. These are perspectives rarely shared in mainstream media.

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