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The Writeway Podcast is committed to empowering writers and turning creative aspirations into career realities. Join author and Writeway CEO, Rea Frey, and Writeway Executive Editor, Joe Tower, as they take a truly "no bullsh*t" look behind the curtain of the publishing industry… and provide the tools to help you become your own best writing advocate. For more information visit


Building Your Writing Community with Acclaimed Author, Allison Hammer
Show Details52min 7s
Don’t Sweat the Sell: Writeway’s Easy-to-Follow Marketing Strategy
Show Details53min 20s
Taking Books From Page to Screen with Bestselling Author of "You," Caroline Kepnes
Show Details49min 46s
Independent Publishing and Organic Social Media Engagement with "Not the HR Lady" Tara Furiani
Show Details57min 18s
Artistry In The Digital Age with Acclaimed Poet, Morgan Harper Nichols
Show Details58min 51s
The First 50: How to Conquer the Critical First Pages of Your Manuscript
Show Details27min 49s
Manifest Your Wildest Writing Dreams with Neuroscientist and Bestselling Author Dr. Tara Swart
Show Details1hr 3min
Upgrade Your Outline: A Brand New Tool for Fiction Writers
Show Details29min 3s
Celebrating Black History Month with a Bonus Coffee & Trades
Show Details30min
A New Way To Market Your Book with Acclaimed Book Publicist Lynda Bouchard
Show Details53min 40s
5 Ways To Find Your Genre
Show Details31min 47s
Coffee & Trades: Romance Reads for February
Show Details31min 48s
How to Really Land a Six-Figure Book Deal with First-Time Author and CEO Jessica Zweig
Show Details59min 36s
7 Publishing Trends You Could See In 2021
Show Details29min 15s
The Enigma of Self-Publishing with David Oakley
Show Details55min 33s
5 Ways to Embrace a Beginner’s Mindset
Show Details32min 14s
The Writeway Rewind: A Look Back At The Beginning
Show Details1hr 8min
Writeway Presents: A Visit from St. Nicholas
Show Details3min 51s
A Holistic Path to Getting Published with Elizabeth Pearson
Show Details41min 45s
Find Your Why: The Most Neglected Work on the Path to Publication
Show Details38min 57s
Coffee & Trades: Holiday New Releases
Show Details30min 56s
Launching a Successful Virtual Book Club with Evan Shy
Show Details48min 1s
To Edit or Not to Edit: 3 BIG Questions to Ask When Hiring an Editor
Show Details44min 58s
5 Ways to Build an Author Platform When You Hate Social Media
Show Details39min 1s
Coffee & Trades: Resources for Your Writerly Toolbox
Show Details37min 9s
How to Use Instagram to Get on the TODAY Show with Amberly Lago
Show Details1hr 15min
How to Write a Bestseller
Show Details47min 23s
Dos and Don'ts Of Pitching Agents
Show Details32min 32s
Coffee & Trades: Niche Non-Fiction
Show Details40min 52s
Insider Keys with Matt Misetich and Peter Elliott of Pipeline Media
Show Details49min 36s
To Self Publish or Not To Self Publish: We Answer the Question
Show Details38min 36s
NYT Best-Sellers And Their Most Important Lessons
Show Details32min 49s
Whitewashed Book Marketing + Our Favorite Upcoming Titles
Show Details31min 47s
From Book to Screenplay: Welcome to Tinseltown
Show Details56min 45s
Tactics of A Successful Book Launch
Show Details27min 23s
What To Ask A Book Agent Before You Sign On The Dotted Line
Show Details50min 8s
The Asset of Failure: The Real "F" Word
Show Details1hr 5min
5 Tips for Pitching Agents
Show Details49min 35s
Get Your Book Submission Ready In 6 Weeks
Show Details40min 35s
A Submittable Novel in SIX WEEKS!
Show Details14min 39s
5 Reasons Your Novel Hit The Slush Pile
Show Details35min 55s
5 Ways To Make 6 Figures
Show Details58min 20s
Let's Talk Money!
Show Details42min 35s
So You Want To Write A Book... Now What?
Show Details1hr 6min