Who Pooped the Bed? with Stany & Alex

Hosts Stany, a Photographer and a Filmmaker with him Alex, an upcoming musician presents a podcast with absolutely no idea what they’re up to. To categorise Who Pooped The Bed? It would be about two guys just having a general conversation about anything and everything. Tune into each episodes every week as the hosts try to figure out things around them and share what they were up to over the course of the weeks, share weird life stories and experiences throughout their journey to success. Infact, you should’ve realized right now, this whole description is just a means of trying to bullshit the way through because we have no idea what this is all about;

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Who Pooped The Bed? (S01E02) -- with Stany & Alex
Show Details58min 55s
Who Pooped The Bed? (S01E01) -- with Stany & Alex
Show Details1hr 2min