WoWPencils'S Podcast

WoWPencils is a source of creativity for art novices and experts who are concerned about quality art supplies and materials. The proper art mediums help create masterpieces making each project shine, while high-grade office equipment saves your time and energy. The website is run by a professional designer. It is easy to navigate and features a lot of interesting and helpful reviews about craft equipment and school/office stationery.


Kneaded Eraser: Using and Cleaning
Show Details4min 44s
What's the Difference Between Using a Pen and a Pencil?
Show Details7min 21s
Easy Way to Draw Tears in Eyes Step-by-Step
Show Details5min 12s
Perfect Correction Tapes: Best Review
Show Details16min 4s
Let's Draw Smoke - Easy Tutorial
Show Details4min 24s
Cool Staplers for Office Use - Best Manual Models
Show Details11min 26s