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Worm Farmer Podcast

Frank Schwarz hunts down the experts and growers to reveal strategies and tips so you can have a thriving worm farm. Discover how you can use worms to recycle your organic trash and feed your houseplants, gardens, and soil. We will talk to scientific experts, Commercial worm farmers, local breeders, and even the folks that do it in their homes on a small scale. Learn what Red Wigglers, Red Tiger Worms, African Nightcrawler, and European Nightcrawler can do for your plants and vegetable gardens. Find out how to care, maintain, feed, and breed worms for a fun hobby. You may even end up creating a profitable worm farm business. It’s a mix of interviews, special co-hosts and solo shows you won’t want to miss. Hit subscribe, and join in on the fun.



This podcast has no episodes yet! Check back soon.