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Worldwide Crime

We cover crimes from around the globe. Solved, unsolved, and even the unexplained. Join us as we dissect theories, motives, and the psychology of the perpetrators.


Episode 13 Stories from the Internet
Show Details26min 25s
Show Details40s
Episode 12 The Toy Box Killer (Part 2)
Show Details21min 43s
Episode 11 The Toy Box Killer (Part 1)
Show Details22min 35s
Episode 10 The Villisca Axe Murders
Show Details22min 41s
Episode 9 The Dyatlov Pass Incident
Show Details23min 53s
Episode 8 Daniel Petric
Show Details18min 8s
Episode 7 Edmund Kemper (Part 3)
Show Details27min 50s
Episode 6 Edmund Kemper (Part 2)
Show Details29min 41s
Episode 5 Edmund Kemper (Part 1)
Show Details25min 7s
Episode 4 H.H. Holmes
Show Details41min 49s
Episode 3 The Beast of Jersey
Show Details31min 24s
Episode 2 The Tube Sock Killer
Show Details24min 22s
Episode 1 Luis Garavito
Show Details14min 39s
EP: 0 Intro
Show Details44s