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World Wrestling Supershow with Miller and Jack

A wrestling podcast like none other! A dad & a son (the world’s most knowledgeable 9 year old wrestling fan). They’re talking wrestling news, wrestling figures, & more. This kid is for real and when it comes to wrestling he’s no Jobber.


Burn It Down!! The Seth Rollins Episode
Show Details31min 1s
AEW Double or Nothing Reaction!
Show Details34min 44s
Do You Smell What the Rock Is Cookin’?
Show Details27min 23s
Wrestlemania 1 Reaction
Show Details1hr 10min
Jeff Hardy, Finn Balor and #Figlife
Show Details42min 28s
Millertime: Family Reunion
Show Details49min 55s
Wrestlemania 36 Recap: Miller Time!
Show Details1hr 2min
Wrestlemania 36 Preview
Show Details40min 38s
Miller Time: Super Showdown
Show Details38min 25s
The Road to Wrestlemania
Show Details20min 45s
Drew McIntyre!! It’s Miller Time
Show Details32min 26s
WWE Royal Rumble Predictions
Show Details39min 18s
FigLife and WWE Royal Rumble 2020
Show Details27min 37s
WWE New Years Revolution: Springfield
Show Details41min 9s
Chelsea Green- Best week ever!
Show Details34min 42s
Favorite Tag Teams: It’s Miller Time!
Show Details26min 14s
It's Miller Time!
Show Details25min 44s