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World Changes Tabernacle (WCT)

Welcome and Thank You for visiting World Changes Tabernacle's Podcast. WCT, led by Prophet Prathan Powell, is a Word-based Church committed to seeing YOU WIN! Our motto is the "Word is On!" We believe that Christianity is a lifestyle and we are committed to teaching, learning, and living the Word of God. It is more than a song, more than a shout, more than a dance...Whether you are a committed follower of Christ or just curious about God, YOU are invited to visit with us. Come on, check us out, and experience the World Changes Effect.


Prathan L. Powell. Advocating for Black Men’s mental health
Show Details1hr 17min
Prophet Prathan L. Powell._ Advocating for Children’s mental health Part 2
Show Details1hr 15min
Prophet Prathan L. Powell.: Advocating for Children’s mental health
Show Details1hr 13min
Prophetess Sandy Powell Talk about Walking Heavy
Show Details55min 1s
Warning Frustration Overload Part III
Show Details1hr 13min
Prophet Prathan L. Powell Sr.: Warning! Frustration Overload
Show Details1hr 17min
WCT Live!!!!
Show Details47min 10s
Prophet Prathan L. Powell Sr.: Altering your Mindset
Show Details1hr 14min
Prophet Prathan L. Powell Sr.: Walking in your New Narrative
Show Details1hr 19min
Prophet Prathan L. Powell Sr: When the race becomes compromised
Show Details1hr 6min
Breaking the Hereditary Dysfunctional Generational Cycles: Prathan Powell Sr.
Show Details1hr 21min
The Round Table: Gun Violence. Special Guest Officer Joel Joel Purter
Show Details38min 56s
The Seducing Rebel Spirit Movement
Show Details30min 20s
The Seducing Rebel Spirit Movement
Show Details1hr 11min
Only truth will silence the enemy.
Show Details1hr 9min
Beware of Spiritual Darkness WCT Live
Show Details51min 49s
The Vortex of Operating in Anger
Show Details1hr 3min