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051: You Are Replaceable
Show Details36min 31s
050: Where Do You See Yourself in 5 Years?
Show Details52min 49s
049: Revisiting Replatforming - There Is No Correct Answer
Show Details49min 31s
048: // TODO: Microwave ToDo List
Show Details56min 17s
047: Email Ruins Everything
Show Details56min 2s
046: Secrets Management vs. Premature Optimization
Show Details44min 15s
045B: The Aftershow
Show Details24min 43s
045: Join Our Discord
Show Details10min 57s
044: Facebook's No Good Very Bad Week
Show Details55min 5s
043: Relay Race Programming
Show Details50min 8s
042: Potluck #3
Show Details51min 53s
041: The Third Age of JavaScript, with Shawn @Swyx Wang
Show Details1hr 9min
040: Automaticity Is a Weird Word
Show Details41min 59s
039: Ben's Future at InVision
Show Details51min 54s
038: Holding Developers Accountable
Show Details57min 54s
037: Brian Klaas Talks Cloud
Show Details1hr 17min
036: Blogs and Digital Gardens
Show Details58min 32s
035: Being a Swamp Guide
Show Details47min 39s
034: Some of My Best Friends Are React Developers!
Show Details44min 18s
033: Software Patents
Show Details42min 35s
032: What Comes After Senior Developer?
Show Details49min 52s
031: To The Cloud! But Why?
Show Details1hr 1min
030: Carol's Consult Catch-Up Conversation
Show Details48min 34s
029: Potluck #2
Show Details46min 8s
028: Buy vs. DIY
Show Details47min 30s
027: Giving Technical Presentations
Show Details34min 15s
026: Passwords
Show Details59min 6s
025: Breaking Up With Your Stack
Show Details1hr 1min
024: The Archetype of an Effective Developer
Show Details1hr 25min
023: Book Club #1 Clean Code by "Uncle Bob" Martin (pt2)
Show Details1hr 6min
022: Book Club #1 Clean Code by "Uncle Bob" Martin (pt1)
Show Details1hr 11min
021: Listener Questions #2
Show Details1hr 21min
020: Carol Needs a Consult
Show Details58min 15s
019: Makefiles
Show Details1hr 15min
018: Feature Flags (Finally!)
Show Details1hr 25min
017: Premature Optimization
Show Details53min 47s
016: Interviewing
Show Details1hr 16min
015: Potluck #1
Show Details1hr 22min
014: Zen and the Art of Pull Requests
Show Details1hr 12min
013: Do What You Love And You'll Never Work A Day In Your Life
Show Details46min 51s
012: Idiomatic Code
Show Details42min 3s
011: Listener Questions #1
Show Details1hr 10min
010: Scaling
Show Details1hr 9min
009: Testing
Show Details58min 13s
008: Origin Stories Pt 2
Show Details1hr 11min
007: Origin Stories Pt 1
Show Details58min 5s
006: Hopes for 2021
Show Details57min 13s
005: Monolith vs. Microservices
Show Details42min 44s
004: Impostor Syndrome
Show Details1hr 18min
003: Burnout, Mental Exhaustion, and Productivity
Show Details1hr 4min
002: Working from home
Show Details54min 24s
001: Adam's Secret Shame
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Your hosts

Adam Tuttle -- Twitter, Website

Ben Nadel -- Twitter, Website

Carol Hamilton -- Twitter

Tim Cunningham -- Twitter

Follow the show! Our website is and we're @WorkingCodePod on Twitter & Instagram. New episodes weekly on Wednesday.

Triumphs & Fails

  • Adam's Triumph: His team realized that they could write a tool that would log, per controller method, how many times it had been run, whether or not it threw exceptions, and some performance stats, which is reducing the pain of transitioning app server platforms without a comprehensive test suite. They're currently at 90% tested!
  • Carol's Fail: Having just started a new job, she thought she would make a good first impression by bringing down the production site!
  • Tim's Triumph+Fail: A product he's been working on developing in secret for FOUR years is finally going to see the light of the day... just not through his years of persistence trying to push it past the finish line.
  • Ben's Triumph+Fail: A R&D project failed to get any traction, but on the plus side he got to delete thousands of lines of code!

Notes & Links

  • The VS Code plugin that Adam couldn't think of is Git Lens
  • Cargo Cult Programming
  • CFML ("ColdFusion Markup Language") a.k.a. ColdFusion is a web-dev language and app server that the four of us have some shared history with. Lucee is its open source alternative engine.
  • Spoiler alert: You can write awful code in every language!
  • "Life with chapters" is a concept stolen from the No Dumb Questions podcast, which is fantastic, and a huge inspiration for Working Code. If you don't already listen, give them a shot!
  • There are a variety of different ways people prefer to learn, but teaching a concept is the best way to help yourself find your weak spots.
  • Never compare your beginning to someone else's middle!
  • The Martian is a fantastic movie and a better book; and yes, the audiobook was narrated by Wil Wheaton, of Star Trek fame.
  • GraphQL is an interesting new(ish) idea in the world of web API's.
  • "The right tool for the job"? NOPE. The right tool for the job, for the team, at that particular point in time. You heard it here second!

Black Lives Matter

1hr 8min
Published Dec 16, 2020 at 2:00pm
000: Hello, World!
Show Details8min 4s