Working Code

Working Code is a technology podcast unlike all others. Instead of diving deep into specific technologies to learn them better, or focusing on soft-skills, this one is like hanging out together at the water cooler or in the hallway at a technical conference. Working Code celebrates the triumphs and fails of working as a developer, and aims to make your career in coding more enjoyable.


006: Hopes for 2021
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005: Monolith vs. Microservices
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004: Impostor Syndrome
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003: Burnout, Mental Exhaustion, and Productivity
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002: Working from home
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Your hosts

Adam Tuttle -- Twitter, Website

Ben Nadel -- Twitter, Website

Carol Hamilton -- Twitter

Tim Cunningham -- Twitter

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Triumphs & Fails

  • Ben's Triumph and Failure: He finally backs up his computer! Only 5 years in the work.
  • Tim's Triumph: He was invited to speak at a virtual conference this week as a community expert. It was really amazing.
  • Carol's Triumph and Failure: She was locked out of a database only to realize she configured the connection wrong from the first day. Total face/palm time.
  • Adam's Failure: He committed to main... tsk tsk. Who commits to main?? Oh yeah, Adam does...

Notes & Links

  • We want discuss how we handle remote working. Adam and Ben are pros at it but Tim and Carol are new. We go over communication styles and how they differ between face to face and virtual. How we balance home life and work life when we work in our home. We might not get it right, but we keep trying. Grab a drink and laugh with us as we figure it all out.
  • Freakonomics Podcast
  • Rich Hickey: Hammock Driven Development
  • Rich Hickey: Simple Made Easy

Black Lives Matter

54min 24s
Published Dec 23, 2020 at 2:00pm
001: Adam's Secret Shame
Show Details1hr 8min
000: Hello, World!
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