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Working Code is a technology podcast unlike all others. Instead of diving deep into specific technologies to learn them better, or focusing on soft-skills, this one is like hanging out together at the water cooler or in the hallway at a technical conference. Working Code celebrates the triumphs and fails of working as a developer, and aims to make your career in coding more enjoyable.


011: Listener Questions #1
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010: Scaling
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009: Testing
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008: Origin Stories Pt 2
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All super heroes have an origin story. And, so do nerds. Many of us can remember back to that moment when we realized that there was magic in the world - magic that we could be part of; and, magic that we could help create. This week, we get personal with the crew and learn more about where they came from, what kind of stuff makes them tick, and what it is that they love about being web application developers.

This Part II of a two-part series. Part II will includes Carol and Adam. Part I was Ben and Tim.

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Triumphs & Fails

  • Ben's Failure - He, like many of us, just doesn't "people" well at times. He makes an effort to improve this by staring emails with the goal being a reply. But with weeks of stared emails lacking replies, the effort feels a tad null. Maybe he should accept this flaw and consider it a feature. And... if he hasn't replied to your text message yet, don't feel bad, yours is only 1 of 1248.
  • Carol's Triumph - She mentioned last week that she was feeling a tad bit down at work, struggling to learn the business side as fast as she expected herself to. The self-induced kind of worries. This week during her 1-on-1, she was provided feedback which put that worries to rest. She is feeling less stress and more fresh.
  • Tim's Failure & Triumph - Boy oh boy, has Tim failed. He turned the chipper marketing team at work into a slightly less chipper set of people by avoiding delivering of a marketing approach he was on the hook for. No sweat team, he will get around to it. His Triumph for the week stem from our previous episode about 2021 Hopes and Goals. He wrote his own blockchain! The man is non stop! He also revels a great idea for using his new found blockchaining power. Perhaps a podcast coin?
  • Adam's Triumph - He's seesawing on if his triumph is a real triumph or not, and it is! He made it an entire day without sitting down. He is making an effort to stand more with the assistance of an electric sit/sand desk.

Notes & Links

  • Tinker - Means: to work in the manner of a tinker especially : to repair, adjust, or work with something in an unskilled or experimental manner
  • The Oregon Trail - A popular game for kids of the 90's to play. The game was released in 1990 and was developed by MECC.
  • - Was a suite of distributed networking protocols which had a goal to provide a consistent data layer that any app could tie into. In 2019 they closed shop due to funding.
  • Our first search engines: CarolAsk JeevesTim: AltavistaBen: HotBotAdam: Dogpile
  • Welcome to the Machine
  • Terminal Velocity
  • Teach yourself VB4 in 21 days - Adams entry book into learning how to write code.
  • Church of Mountain Dew - Web archive to the original church of mountain dew webpage
  • First stop to find the church of dew
  • Another relic to the church of dew
  • 12 year old Adam created his own Church of Mountian Dew in a notepad text editor.
  • The token ring network - A token ring network is a local area network (LAN) in which all computers are connected in a ring or star topology and pass one or more logical tokens from host to host. Only a host that holds a token can send data, and tokens are released when receipt of the data is confirmed.
  • REST Assured - If you think rest is napping, pick up Adams book to understand Rest and API Design.
  • Taffy - Adams REST Web Service Framework for ColdFusion and Lucee
  • Christian Ready - Christian Ready is a great friend of ours. We all love his work and listening to him present any chance we get. Check him out on YouTube.

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1hr 11min
Published Feb 3, 2021 at 12:00pm
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