Words with DatOneLady

Words with DatOneLady..... It’s almost hard to clearly state what this podcast would be about but basically, this podcast would be all about life, love, and living. 

My plan is that this podcast would also be an audio-blog. I doubt there is anything like that but basically, I love voiceovers. So, on days when I can’t make a video for a voiceover on Instagram @datonelady, I would just come here and read my poems like spoken words! 

Hopefully, I would be able to get my friends on here to chat with as well on different topics, or just come here and talk. 

Okay! Without further ado, Let’s enjoy the ride. 


Episode 3 - New Year | What's Next, Fear of the Unknown.
Show Details19min 11s
Episode 2 - Happy New Year | Understanding Oneself.
Show Details15min 34s
Episode 1 - Welcome | 2020 in 10 lessons.
Show Details12min 34s