A simple cover-to-cover overview of Bible basics in plain English and vivid stories for seekers and students of all ages


36. God proclaims Israel's first national holiday -- Passover
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35. The Contractions (plagues) in Egypt prior to Israel's birth
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34. Moses' story
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33. The Children of Israel settle and thrive in Egypt
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32. Joseph's story
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31. The Children of Israel
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30. Jacob's Story
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29. Isaac and Rebekah and their boys, Esau and Jacob
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28. Isaac's Story
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27. YUCK ALERT! (this chapter is not for those with a weak stomach!)
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26. Abram (Abraham) gets right with God
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25. Abram's (Abraham's) story begins...the trunk of the STOMPER'S family tree
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24. After the flood -- slipping back into the same old ruts
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23. Noah and the start-over flood
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22. How low can we really go?
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21. The Bible's first promise -- "HE!"
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20. The consequences of sin on Adam and Eve (and us)
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19. The essence of Adam and Eve's sin (and ours)
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18. The Perpetrator behind our fall into sin
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17. God's pattern in creation for women, men, and marriage
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16. God's design for men and women and our need for each other
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15. Man, the mammal made in the image of God
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14. WHEN was the world created?
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13. How did the universe happen?
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12. One key rule for applying what we read in Scripture
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11. God never intended EVERY word to be taken LITERALLY
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10. What are the major themes of the Bible?
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9. The BIG PICTURE of Scripture
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8. What should be our attitude as Bible readers?
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7. Why do readers interpret texts so differently?
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6. Who decides what any Bible text means?
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5. Is the Bible contradictory (and un-scientific)?
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4. Why 66 books, and how did they decide that, anyway?
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3. How was it copied and preserved before the printing press?
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2. Did the Bible Just Drop Out of Heaven?
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1. Why Bother Cracking It Open?
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0. Why listen to this podcast?
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