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Friends Bringing you word on the street weekly. Join us as we talk about trending topics and bring our perspective.


Ep 11 - She has to be 200 something to do something!!!
Show Details37min 3s
Ep10 - Do Modern Women have to work to get a man?
Show Details49min 8s
Ep9 - Investing in your future. Stocks, ETFs, Crypto Currency
Show Details42min 54s
Ep8 - TV Show Harlem Making Women's Expectations Better or Worse?
Show Details48min 16s
Ep7 - Health and Nutrition in the digital age
Show Details55min 44s
Ep6 - Dating in 2021. Kevin Samuels keeps it real about the situation.
Show Details1hr 8min
Ep5 - Ahmaud's Death and a Kevin Samuel's advice on this new aged dating. Don't be taken advantage of.
Show Details1hr 3min
Ep4 - Zac Stacy and Da Baby with Domestic Charges?
Show Details51min 32s
Ep3 - Dating Mondern Women in 2021. Are men getting catfished out here on the dating scene?
Show Details51min 24s
Ep2 - Kevin Samuels advice to a 35 year old nurse. Dating a man thats living at home vs married?
Show Details51min 12s
Ep1 - Meet the guys
Show Details50min 47s