• Ep 11 - She has to be 200 something to do something!!!

    This episode includes:


    Eugene ( Doony )

    Fabian ( Fabo )

    In this episode Fabo has some game for y'all. Listen in as he explains his preferences and why he feels the way he feels.

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    37m | Jan 11, 2022
  • Ep10 - Do Modern Women have to work to get a man?

    Episode includes:


    Eugene ( Doony )

    Darren ( Big D )

    Derrick ( Fireball )

    Join us as we discuss the topic of women dating in these times. Comment below and give us your input. What do you think?

    Are women asking for too much?

    Are women being unreasonable?

    49m | Jan 2, 2022
  • Ep9 - Investing in your future. Stocks, ETFs, Crypto Currency

    This episode features:



    We discuss how in the near future we would like to start thoroughly investing int he stock market. Lets talk about what we know and what we need to learn going forward. 

    Join us and learn along with us. 

    42m | Dec 30, 2021
  • Ep8 - TV Show Harlem Making Women's Expectations Better or Worse?

    Episode featuring:


    Eugene (Doony )

    Darren ( Smooth )

    The relationship between men and women can sometimes be a complicated one, with many different facets as to how the relationship works. Some people may think of it as a power struggle, while others may think of it as a dance with love. Men are thought to be leaders, but women have a different playing field in relationships. However, some may go as far as to as controlling men, while others believe that they can manipulate men based on sex or money. But is this just a believe or it’s a reality.

    Join the conversation with your host, Bruce, Eugene, and Darren, as we explore different personalities, roles and mentalities that play in relationships and dating to provide you with the bigger picture of what is happening in the streets today and tools to navigate successfully.

    Tune in!

    During this episode, you will learn about;

    [01:27] The women empowerment shows and what they promote

    [05:06] The narrative in the black women shows

    [08:03] The money mentality among women

    [09:41] Why community express power as pain and misery

    [13:48] How single mothers push women to the corporate world to be self-sufficient

    [16:32] Why men don’t really care about women level of education

    [20:21] Ladies independent drive and their desire to control men

    [24:17] The consequences in life and when they come

    [26:38] Learning from consequences in relationship to change our mentalities

    [29:23] Judgment in relationship and why people prefer club versus interviews

    [33:00] Why they say nobody is judging but everybody is judging

    [37:32] When fashion and style becomes a distraction to others

    [39:51] Adhering to societal norms that when it comes to style

    [41:30] Lessons on how to make your dating and relationship successful

    Notable quotes

    In our community, our stories are just recycled. It’s entertainment and then misery.

    Women leading men is not a natural order.

    Most of the time, we don’t get consequences soon enough

    We need consequences to get better

    In dating, you can never skip the experiences through perfectionism

    48m | Dec 10, 2021
  • Ep7 - Health and Nutrition in the digital age

    n this episode:


    Eugene ( Doony )

    Darren ( Diezel )

    Terry ( 2 Bricks )

    The digital age has brought about many changes in the foods we consume and how we consume them. A lot of people are faced with health challenges such as obesity, diabetes and other lifestyle complications, all related to unhealthy lifestyle choices. No one cares about what you eat except you. It is no secret that the food industry has been trying to make a profit by pushing unhealthy foods on the market. With that being said, it’s important to understand what healthy eating means before you can make an informed decision about which diet is best for you.

    Join the conversation with your host, Bruce, Eugene, Terry, and Diezel, as we explore health, nutrition, and how the diet has changed over the years to provide you with tools that can help you make the best choices in a fad, sugar, and chemical-driven world.

    Tune in!

    During this episode, you will learn about:

    [00:39] What’s in for you in today’s episode

    [02:21] Diet back in the days and what has changed in what we’re eating today

    [07:00] The importance of teaching your kids about nutrition facts in this era

    [11:13] Adopting a healthy diet in the sugar and chemical driven world

    [16:05] The different Fads that industries have made us go through

    [22:41] Salts, sugar, and fats and how industries manipulate them to make sales

    [24:40] How processed foods are made to control the masses towards bad choices

    [26:50] Living in a world of fads, caring about your health, and making the right choices

    [28:35] Health versus profits and what the industries have for us

    [30:32] Adjusting to the world of fast pace life and choosing real nutrition

    [34:22] Essential and non-essentials in building a healthy life

    [36:14] Going back to the beginning and the correlation between diet shots and health

    [41:49] Industrialization and processing of food and its impact on nutrition

    [47:03] Viewing food business in the lens of making money

    [49:10] Takeaways and lessons you can apply to make your journey better

    [54:54] How to reach out and connect with us

    Notable quotes:

    Teaching children about nutrition will inform their decisions even at a young age.

    Fad industries target different nutrients to reprogram us and make more money.

    Everybody is human; everybody has a vice, and people are not perfect

    The way you were raised is not necessarily the way you live today

    Your health is not heredity; it’s about the foods you eat

    55m | Dec 8, 2021
  • Ep6 - Dating in 2021. Kevin Samuels keeps it real about the situation.

    This episode include:


    Eugene ( Doony )

    Big D ( Diezel )

    Dating has always been difficult. The difficulty has increased significantly due to certain trends and advancements in technology and feminism empowerment. If you're looking for love, these aspects of dating can be challenging; however, you don't have to let them become a roadblock. The key is understanding yourself and your needs so that you don't spend your time on something that doesn't meet the needs or something where someone will inevitably disappoint you in the end.

    Join another wonderful conversation of The Word Brings Word Podcast with your favorite hosts Bruce and Eugene. In this podcast, we discuss various topics, ranging from; relationships, scandals, dating, and everything in between. Get the latest news in the streets without going through the hassle of checking all the news outlets for every story. In today’s episode, we explore dating dynamics of 2021 and the collisions between women’s priorities and men’s priorities during relationships.

    Tune in!

    During this episode, you will learn about:

    [00:52] Why most men have recently given up on dating

    [02:49] Men should not proceed on a second date with a lady minus sex

    [07:08] Most women are using men for free things such as meals

    [16:59] How the Internet has boosted multiple dating for women

    [20:58] Men are naturally thirsty

    [23:19] Men are visual beings; all they want is sex

    [24:29] Recent studies show women are more sexually aggressive than men

    [32:11] Men, do not allow to be used by women for their gain

    [40:00] What’s your goal when dating?

    [51:11] If prostitution were legalized…

    [52:23] Being a man, getting to the point, and getting consent

    [56:33] Why do men no longer want to waste time in unmeaningful relationships

    [58:46] The advice that fathers should give to their children in matters of dating

    [01:04:09] Closing remarks

    [01:07:09] Call to action and ending the show

    Notable quotes

    The greatest need in women is money and attention, while sex is the greatest among men.

    Men are visual beings; they get attracted to what they see rather than what’s in her brain.

    Man’s value increases with age.

    Whenever there is no future in what you do, abandon the mission

    1h 7m | Dec 6, 2021
  • Ep5 - Ahmaud's Death and a Kevin Samuel's advice on this new aged dating. Don't be taken advantage of.

    Episode includes:


    Eugene ( Doony )

    Terry ( 2 Bricks )

    Fabian ( Fabo )

    The world has recently been in the middle of a string of trials and tragedies, but even more importantly, an array of relationships. From relationships to death tragedies, scandals, dating, and everything in between, these are just a few of the topics that we break into every week to give you the juicy part to keep you informed. The latest news in the streets is all the rage. But sometimes, we don't want to go through the hassle of checking all the news outlets for every story, and that is why we’re here. We got you covered!

    Join today’s conversation with your host, Bruce, Eugene, Terry, and Fabian, as we explore the top news in our streets to expose the intimidation, exaggeration, and scandals that happen in our backyards. Laugh and enjoy the discussion with us, as we give our perspective and lessons on what we can do better. We value your opinion, voice it to us, and be heard!

    Tune in!

    During this episode, you will learn about;

    [01:20] Ahmaud Arbery death and updates of the trial of the three convicts

    [03:08] The evidence available regarding his accusations of stealing from the construction

    [05:17] About the three men, how they killed Ahmaud and recorded the scene

    [10:12] Legal laws and what it says regarding citizen arrest

    [16:15] Why recording a video cannot be used to justify a murder scene

    [21:24] How people get information, paint stories, and how they end up

    [27:31] Neighborhood and how the community watch out for each other

    [29:40] Why the jury didn’t allow Ahmaud criminal history to be used in the trial

    [34:29] Men getting abused through their time and finances

    [38:14] Online dating and how men lose their money and time

    [39:46] Defining what you are looking for from a relationship and going for it

    [40:50] Investing your time and money on women and how they perceive it

    [47:35] Being a man, getting to the point, and getting consent

    [49:23] The sense of entitlement and mutual investment in a relationship

    [52:07} Lessons on how to make your dating and relationships experience better

    [58:40] Why some social media are more serious than other

    --Notable quotes--

    Recording a scene cannot justify any intentional murder.

    What you get from a relationship depends on what you’re looking for

    There should be no second date if you can’t get what you want from a relationship

    Money and time are an investment in any relationship

    Get to the point to get consent

    Keywords: Ahmaud Arbery death, citizen arrest, neighborhood, dating, relationships

    1h 3m | Dec 5, 2021
  • Ep4 - Zac Stacy and Da Baby with Domestic Charges?

    This episode is featuring:


    Eugene ( Doony )

    Darren ( Smooth )

    Sometimes people paint the worst pictures when they are posting information on social media. Men often fall victim to this, especially when it comes to relationship and marriage issues where there is a big chance for conflicts and arguments. Celebrities in music, sports and more have fallen due to information and videos showing them in scandals with their partners going viral. These videos reveal the private lives, and as you know, if your pay check depends on the people, it is really hard to go forward without them.

    Join today’s conversation with your host, Bruce and James, discussing what has been going on in the streets to expose the intimidation and exaggeration in the mass media on celebrities’ scandals. We’re not saying that the media is totally wrong, but we want to give a different perspective and provide lessons on what we can do better.


    Tune in!

    During this episode, you will learn about;

    [00:33] About the former NFL players Zac Stacy

    [04:21] The content of the video clip that exposed him attacking his wife

    [05:40] How the media presents the information and what really happened

    [08:15] How some people interpreted the video clip  

    [08:50] What could have been done to justify the situation

    [14:08] What happened to the Dababy the wrapper and his baby mama

    [19:00] Life lessons from Zac and Dababy story

    [24:42] Handling your emotional situations without losing their mind

    [28:44] How referees help players to control their anger to focus

    [30:23] The other side of the story, “if it was a white man hitting a black woman.”

    [38:01] Where the diminishing of men originates from

    [46:32] Why statistics and numbers are vital in the media-dominated world

    [51:31] How to connect and reach out to us


    Notable quotes

    ● Stories will always change as they move from one person to another.

    ● You’ve to walk away from angry situations if you want to win

    ● Whatever happens, whoever gets to the police first is the winner

    ● Bad days will always come, and we need to control our emotions

    ● If you lose control, you lose some of your abilities.

    Connect with us today!

    51m | Nov 30, 2021
  • Ep3 - Dating Mondern Women in 2021. Are men getting catfished out here on the dating scene?

    This episode includes:


    Eugene ( Doony )

    Darren ( Smooth )

    They’re dating with the hopes of getting anything out of it. Some female callers to Kevin Samuel’s show are seeking help. These ladies believe that he will propose to her one day because they are together with their boyfriend, but regrettably, this is not the case. A woman called in and asked for advice on convincing the guy to seek her hand in marriage.

    51m | Nov 28, 2021
  • Ep2 - Kevin Samuels advice to a 35 year old nurse. Dating a man thats living at home vs married?


    Eugene ( Doony )

    Darren ( Smooth )

    In this episode we discuss Kevin Samuels advice and feedback given to a nurse that is 35 years old making $150k a year. Thoughts on this advice?

    How do women feel about dating a man that is living at home vs dating a man that has a wife?

    Are women purposely sharing men out here.

    51m | Nov 21, 2021
  • Ep1 - Meet the guys

    We discussed Adele dating Rich Paul and the anger that brings some people.

    We also dug deep into the police stereotyping and how people see it differently depending on who they are.

    Below are the playas in this audio:


    Eugene ( Doony )

    Darren M ( Big D )


    Darren M ( Smooth )

    50m | Nov 17, 2021
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