Beacon 23: S2-E4–6 – A tale of two cliffhangers

Episode 26
2h 29m | May 19, 2024

Luke joins Elysia again for some tongue-in-cheek critique meets serious scientific analysis of Beacon 23 season 2 episodes 4 through 6: "Berth," "Song of Sorrow," and "Luan Casca." We jump through time and space to break down our growing understanding of the QTA's real power, AI HR violations, and determine who was the best beacon keeper of them all.

Join us again in two weeks for our coverage of the final two episodes!

Includes spoilers for all episodes that have aired. But even book readers can't spoil where this season might end...

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Produced by Elysia Brenner

Published by The Lorehounds

Intro & outro music: "Magnetic Universe" by Adrian Earnshaw & Benedict Roff-Marsh

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