Announcing The Star Wars Canon Timeline Podcast!

18m | May 4, 2024

Elysia's new Star Wars podcast project has launched! Enjoy the first quick explainer episode here. Like what you hear?

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Original episode notes:

In this quickie intro episode to The Star Wars Canon Timeline Podcast, you’ll learn not only what all those words mean (in the context of Star Wars), but also how this podcast works – how this experiment in creating a chronological timeline amidst a chaotic release order will unfold, and what to expect from the journey.

I break down the 9 eras of Star Wars history we’re covering – starting thousands of years in the past, through weekly releases of the upcoming series The Acolyte – as well as what kinds of guests to expect, essential Star Wars timeline lingo, and how this podcast is designed for both old fans and fresh faces who are Star Wars-curious.

This Is the Way.

The Star Wars Canon Timeline Podcast past and future episode list

Upcoming episodes (spring/summer 2024):

–The Dawn of the Jedi & Old Republic overview

The (Knights of the) Old Republic games – Legends

–The High Republic overview

Young Jedi Adventures S1

–Weekly coverage of The Acolyte

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