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THURSDAY: Bryant's Brain Buster - 90% dislike the taste of this.
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WEDNESDAY: Bryant's Brain Buster
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TUESDAY: Bryant's Brain Buster: 28% Have less stress after they do this.
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FRIDAY: Bryant's Brain Buster: Men will spend 1 year doing this
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Thursday BRYANT'S BRAIN BUSTER: 26% will do THIS when it comes to holiday shopping.
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Your Santa Stories & Bryant's Christmas Message
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Church pays lunch debt for kids
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Monday BRYANT'S BRAIN BUSTER: 62% do this.
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247th Day of 2019
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Man spends $25,000 on his Star Wars Collection!
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FRIDAY: What's Trending
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FRIDAY: Bryant's Brain Buster: 11% do NOT own this.
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THURSDAY: Bryant's Brain Buster: 82% of women do THIS in their household during the holiday season.
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Town breaks Gift Wrapping Record!
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Odd Teach Gifts
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TUESDAY: Bryant's Brain Buster: Dogs are naughty for doing this.
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Holiday Arguments!
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Woman gives birth 9 days after learning she is pregnant
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Bryant's Brain Buster: Most men will kiss a beautiful woman, even if she has THIS ???
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Bryant's Intro: Christmas KISSSING!
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