Woodworker + Wife

We're Dan and Bethanie Meyers. We have been married for over five years and have three little girls. Marriage experts? Parenting experts? Life experts? Perfect in every way? Not even close but we do happen to have a microphone...AND, more importantly, want to share what God has done and is currently doing in our lives in order to encourage you.


W+W 012: Christmas Shopping & the 4-Gift Rule
Show Details23min 41s
W+W 011: Dreams for Building
Show Details28min 40s
W+W 010: Cultivating a Legacy of Family
Show Details35min 37s
W+W 009: The Legacy of Marriage
Show Details40min 48s
W+W 008: Promoting a Legacy of Learning
Show Details43min 58s
W+W 007: Miscarriage and Rainbows
Show Details32min 59s
W+W 006: Plucked up
Show Details41min 58s
W+W 005: In the Wilderness, Adele, and 2nd Place
Show Details48min 54s
W+W 004: What the food!?
Show Details51min 35s
W+W 003: Our Love Story
Show Details36min 23s
W+W 002: Full-time Woodworker and SAHM
Show Details44min 38s
W+W 001: We're Podcasting!
Show Details37min 50s