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Wonder | Tales of Wonder and Curiosity

We live in a world full of wonder, of extraordinary people, places and things that shape our daily lives in some way. How do they do that and why does it matter? Let's find out. With help from science, history, real-life and mystery, the Wonder Show will uncover great insights into our world, some visible, some invisible but all wonderful. Brought to you by InJustOneDay and hosted by Lianne Walker, Wonder is a weekly podcast for the curious mind. The show will go out every Wednesday and will run for 8 weeks each Season. From Season 3 this will increase to 12 weeks per season. For more information visit www.injustoneday.com.


Wonder S3 Ep 05 - Turning Point
Show Details18min 22s
Wonder S3 Ep 04 - Varanasi
Show Details16min 20s
Wonder S3 Ep03 - Levi's Jeans
Show Details16min 20s
Wonder S3 Ep 02 - Durer's Rhinoceros
Show Details14min 44s
Wonder - S3 Ep 01 - The Lewis Chessmen
Show Details13min 18s
Season 3 Preview
Show Details1min 35s
Wonder S2 Ep 08 - The Voynich Manuscript
Show Details18min 13s
Wonder S2 Ep 07 - The Last Supper
Show Details16min 35s
Wonder S2 Ep 06 - The Boiling River
Show Details17min 53s
Wonder S2 Ep 05 - The Fossil Hunter
Show Details16min 42s
Wonder S2 Ep 04 - Pieces of Eight
Show Details14min 51s
Wonder S2 Ep 03 - The Unknown Man
Show Details22min 11s
Wonder S2 Ep 02 - Phineas Gage
Show Details19min 16s
Wonder S2 Ep 01 - Kitty
Show Details21min 14s
Wonder Season 1 Finale
Show Details1min 58s
Wonder S1 Ep 08 - Royal Project
Show Details16min 35s
Wonder S1 Ep 07 - The Keepers
Show Details17min 18s
Wonder S1 Ep 06 - On Time, Every Time
Show Details17min 12s
Wonder S1 Ep 05 - A Scientific Life
Show Details15min 58s
Wonder S1 Ep 04 - Leather Suitcase
Show Details16min 17s
Wonder S1 Ep 03 - For Everyone
Show Details14min
Wonder S1 Ep 02 - The Boy Wonder
Show Details14min 21s
Wonder S1 Ep 01 - July 20
Show Details15min 44s