"Women On Screen Out Loud" showcases female & non-binary voices from all sides of the camera. Each episode features a personal essay composed and read aloud by dynamic professionals in the film & television industry, followed by a brief interview that delves deeper into their inspirations and career journeys. Join hosts Lara Jean Chorostecki & Jennifer Pogue as they explore the diverse paths and purposes of being a Woman on Screen, however that takes shape across the gender spectrum.


Lyndie Greenwood, Actor - “Why I Quit Acting, and Other Things”
Show Details28min 57s
Ashley Cooper, Writer and Actor - "The Only One in the Room"
Show Details29min
Mahsa Ghorbankarami, CG Supervisor - “Choose the Color with Which the Universe Paints You”
Show Details33min 32s
Suad Bushnaq, Composer - "The Present of Being Present in the Present"
Show Details22min 27s
Michelle Morgan, Actor and Director - "Hey, I Could Do That"
Show Details29min 25s
Christa Tazzeo Morson, Executive VFX Producer - "She Believed She Could So She Did"
Show Details23min 38s
Tricia Hagoriles, Senior Colourist and Filmmaker - "Stay Gold"
Show Details21min 59s
Karlee Morse, Makeup Artist - "Devil Lady"
Show Details24min 56s
Gayle Ye, Cinematographer - "Anomalies"
Show Details21min 48s
Sardé Hardie, Film Executive - "You Can Be You"
Show Details22min 35s
Jennifer Pogue, Actor & Producer - "My Life is a Movie"
Show Details31min 55s
Sedina Fiati, Actor & Activist - "Welcome to the Empathy Revolution"
Show Details30min 3s
Coming Soon: Women on Screen Out Loud Season 3
Show Details1min 38s
Caroline Dhavernas, Actor - "She Was More Beautiful Before"
Show Details41min 22s
Farah Merani, Actor/Filmmaker & Advocate - “50 Years to Myself”
Show Details36min 1s
Lindsay Somers, Intimacy Coordinator - “The Only Constant is Change”
Show Details27min 8s
Jill Purdy, Sound & Dialogue Editor - "Girl with a Voice"
Show Details26min 54s
Alicia Turner, Stunt Coordinator - "Dealing with Fear"
Show Details26min 14s
Annie Bradley, Director - “The Long Game”
Show Details31min 44s
Sherren Lee, Director - "To the Summit"
Show Details25min 23s
Stephanie Morgenstern, Showrunner & Director - "Apricots"
Show Details29min 33s
Jess Salgueiro, Actor & Writer - "The Y"
Show Details27min 39s
Kaniehtiio Horn, Actor - “Understanding Past to Make Sense of Present”
Show Details38min 48s
Jean Yoon, Actor - "White Life"
Show Details26min 38s
Marina Cordoni, Executive Producer - "Climbing the Celluloid Steps to Success"
Show Details28min 45s
Christine Armstrong, Editor - "Making the Cut"
Show Details19min 2s
Naz Goshtasbpour, Production Designer - "Don't Call Me a Woman of Colour"
Show Details22min 45s
Molly McGlynn, Director/Writer - "Becoming the Thing"
Show Details24min 16s
Grace Lynn Kung, Actor - "A Brain Diary at 3:50am in August"
Show Details25min 55s
Erica Procunier, Composer - "AI's and Music: Friend or Foe"
Show Details20min 41s
Lisa Berry, Actor - "Living a Lotus Life"
Show Details28min 45s
Director of Photography Maya Bankovic - "Roll On"
Show Details22min 33s
Katie Boland, Actor & Writer - "Am I Suited for my Life"
Show Details18min 20s
Coming Soon: Women On Screen Out Loud: The Podcast Essays
Show Details1min 18s