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Women in STEM, Reimagined

Women in STEM, Reimagined podcast and the Women in STEM, Reimagined masterclass series are here to help overlooked women in STEM become influential, so they can confidently unlock new opportunities for themselves, get their employers saying “we need you on this job!” and make a bigger impact.

Your host, Dr. Nicole Tschierske, invites the best coaches, trainers and mentors to teach you the professional skills you need to strategically turn your career frustrations into a renewed love for your work.


S1E08: Ask for More if You Want More - Here’s How to Do It with Michelle Gyimah
Show Details30min 48s
S1E02: Working Remotely - How to Get the Job and Get Good at It with Juliana Rabbi
Show Details38min 16s
S1E03: Who wants more happiness, more money and less stress in their careers? with Jette Stubbs
Show Details29min 45s
S1E09: Why You Should Build Your Personal Brand at Work and How to Get Started with Ketaki Vaidya
Show Details27min 35s
S1E01: How Your Cover Letter, Resume and Linkedin Profile Fit Together with Virginia Franco
Show Details29min 18s
S1E10: How to Discover Your Style - Hint, It’s Not in Your Closet with Monica Barnett
Show Details34min 7s
S1E04: What You Need to Learn When You Transition From Being an Expert to Being a Leader with Sue Parker
Show Details33min 12s
S1E05: How to Smooth the Transition From Academia to Industry with Dr. Holly Prescott
Show Details32min 30s
S1E06: Women Fail at Work Because of Their Impostor Syndrome (And Other Myths) with Dr. Athina Frantzana
Show Details35min 9s
S1E07: More Than Speaking Clearly: Develop Your Executive Presence with Barbara Rogoski
Show Details29min 49s