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Women and Food

A storytelling podcast series about the women who feed the world. Meet female farmers, fisher folks, rural women and many others who keep us alive everday. Because women are very diverse we want to give the stage to all of them, being cis, trans, genderqueer or non-binary.


Episode 6: Emmanuelle - about the reconnection with the countryside
Show Details32min 36s
Episode 5: Dee - about Black Food Sovereignty and building community resilience
Show Details22min 44s
Episode 4: Amira - running a farm in Bosnia to grow healthy food for her children
Show Details16min 42s
Episode 3: Anne - comment on devient agricultrice par amour et des pensées sur l'agriculture bio et ces limites
Show Details27min 55s
Episode 2: Tammi - about a happy pig farmer and food sovereignty advocacy at the UN
Show Details31min 5s
Episode 1: Claire - sur les moments durs dans la vie d’une productrice de lait en France
Show Details30min 49s