Lotta Borg Skoglund: Biology, hormones & the invisible girls

Episode 170
1h 2m | Jan 15, 2024

Episode 170 with Lotta Borg Skoglund.

“We miss the girls. Then they grow up and struggle and scream until they finally get a diagnosis, only to get a prescription and get abandoned again.”

Lotta is a senior physician and associate professor of psychiatry at Uppsala University in Sweden. Lotta’s work centers on ADHD and women as well as how hormones impact the mental health of girls and women. She has authored several books, including “ADHD Girls to Women: Getting on the Radar,” which was released in English in 2023. 

Lotta has years of experience in healthcare, working in both primary care and specialized psychiatry, and her list of academic and professional accomplishments is a mile long. She helped to create the GODDESS ADHD research group, which stands for Gender-informed research to Overcome Diagnostic Delay and Emotional dysregulation through Self-awareness and Self-efficacy in female ADHD. She is also one of the founders of Letterlife, a science- and evidence-based app that provides girls and women with ADHD insight and power over how their everyday life is affected by hormones, ADHD symptoms, and other lifestyle factors.

Lotta and I talk all about the profound lack of research around women, hormones, and ADHD, as well as the incredible work she is doing in Scandinavia and beyond to even the playing field. We also talk about the biological differences between the male and female brains and why that contributes to the lack of diagnoses for girls. And we discuss how girls and women are being abandoned by the medical system, even after their diagnosis.


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