What I learned from making my first documentary - Elevate: From Tragedy to Triumph

24m | Aug 21, 2023

Welcome to today's enlightening episode, where Dija shares valuable insights and lessons she learned from making her first documentary. Join her as she takes you through every intricate step of the documentary-making process, providing a behind-the-scenes look at her creative journey.

Throughout this episode, Dija candidly discusses the highs and lows she experienced while working on her documentary project. She offers in-depth insights into the various aspects of the production, including the pivotal roles played by the talented individuals she collaborated with. Dija's storytelling showcases the power of bringing your ideas from your mind to the screen, emphasizing the importance of trusting in God's guidance throughout the creative process.

By the end of this episode, you'll be inspired and motivated to embark on your own creative journey, fueled by a newfound belief in yourself and your vision. Dija's experience offers valuable lessons and practical advice for aspiring filmmakers and creators, providing key insights into the process of creating your first documentary.

Prepare to be informed, empowered, and inspired as you gain a deeper understanding of the creative process and the transformative power of bringing your ideas to life. Whether you're an aspiring filmmaker or simply passionate about storytelling, this episode will equip you with essential knowledge and motivation to pursue your creative endeavors.


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Dija Renuka is an actress, filmmaker, educator, and creator who tells stories to inspire audiences to connect with themselves, take divine action, and spark change in the world. For the past two decades she has been working in multi-media content creation but where she shines is creating original content through a social impact entertainment lens. For the past two decades she has been creating and teaching art programs to underserved youth. She holds a BA in theater and Biomechanics and a Master’s in Social Practice Art. She is currently working on her faith-based feature film called Coffee Beans and Love. Learn more at

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