Create Impact with Your Film with Sarah Mosses CEO and Founder of Together Films

30m | Mar 8, 2024


0:00 - Find out how I met Sarah!

00:55 - Find out who Sarah is and hear her amazing bio!

2:15 - Hear Sarah’s philosphy on the internships at Together Films

2:57 - Find out when Sarah first fell in love with films

4:41 - Sarah shares a cool little story about her musical background

5:53 - Find out how Sarah started to discover the power of film and impact

10:00 - Find out how Sarah started her own social impact entertainment company Together films

15:41 - What Together Films does is AMAZING but with any company there can be challenges. Find out what those were and how Sarah overcame them

18:47 - As we push forward in the fields of filmmaking we know that technology is going to increase in importance. Hear how Sarah implements tech in her business and leverages it to help the artists that she serves

21:47 - Sarah drops platinum nuggets on when filmmakers should get started on their impact campaigns. On top of it she drops gems for practical strategies to get started!

26:10 - Find out how you can work with Together films!

29:08 - Find out who are little surprise Film for Impact guest was!

30:03 - Find out where you can find Sarah online!

If you are a filmmaker looking to make an impact with your film you have come to the right place! Today we have the amazing Sarah Mosses who the CEO and Founder of Together Films. She is going to drop gem after gem today so you don't want to miss one second of what she has to say!

Sarah's Bio:

Sarah Mosses is the Founder & CEO of Together Films, a marketing, distribution, and technology company serving the international film community from our offices in London & NYC. She has acted as the Head of Marketing for leading Film Festivals including Sheffield DocFest (Sheffield, UK), DOC NYC (NYC, US), Human Rights Watch Film Festival (London, UK & NYC, US), and the Athena Film Festival (NYC, US). She is passionate about serving filmmakers to increase their social impact, reach, and revenue for multi-award-winning titles like For Sama, Unrest, The Tale & Roll Red Roll. She also helps a variety of industry and brand clients to optimize their business performance through technology and operational support, such as Sony, Patagonia, and the Documentary Producers Alliance. Sarah recently graduated from the prestigious Inside Pictures film leadership course and was selected for the Mayor of London's International Growth Programme (including trade visits to NYC & LA). Sarah will support strategy development.

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