004: How to make an impact with your film part 2 | Compelling Stories

Episode 4
12m | Jan 21, 2022

How to make an impact with your film part two continues on from part one where we talked about the genre of film making that I'm a part of and a little of my story of how I got involved with social impact entertainment. In this episode we dive deep, like nerdy deep into how compelling stories create impact in the world. I hope that by learning about HOW compelling stories create change it will motivate you and give you confidence...and direction on how to create stories that are entertaining AND create change.


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Dija Renuka is an actress, filmmaker, educator, and creator who tells stories to inspire audiences to connect with themselves, take divine action, and spark change in the world. For the past two decades she has been working in multi-media content creation but where she shines is creating original content through a social impact entertainment lens. For the past two decades she has been creating and teaching art programs to underserved youth. She holds a BA in theater and Biomechanics and a Master’s in Social Practice Art. She is currently working on her faith-based feature film called Coffee Beans and Love. Learn more at

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