Jordan Burroughs: Wrestling for Gold (Replay)

36m | Nov 3, 2023

We first sat down with Jordan Burroughs on Without Compromise back in 2021. Last week, we interviewed him again, but this time, we hit the trail with him and his family. Check out that interview over on our new YouTube show, Take Two. 

Watch here:

In conjunction with the new Take Two episode, we wanted to reshare the 2021 interview we had with Jordan on the podcast. Since the chat, he’s moved across the country, had another child, and won another world championship. 

Jordan Burroughs has one of the most medaled and storied careers of any American wrestler. That feat hasn’t come easy, and it hasn’t come without its losses. However, it’s the day-to-day focus that Jordan credits keeping him on top of the competition well into his decade-long wrestling career. 

Learn what makes Jordan tick, how he makes the most of his time on and off the mat, and what it means to him to live without compromise.

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