Rob Kearney: World’s Strongest Gay

52m | Jun 14, 2024

Rob grew up playing and loving a variety of sports. However, in high school, he excelled at lifting weights. In fact, his first deadlift was over 500 pounds, and within a few months, he was already competing in strongman competitions. 

He quickly rose through the ranks to become one of the premiere strongmen in the county (where? In the world?) and began setting records. With his success in what’s often considered one of the most masculine sports in the world, Rob felt he wasn’t being true to himself and those around him. In 2014 he built up the courage to come out, the first professional strongman to do so. As you’ll hear, this was far from easy for Rob. There was a constant fear about what his parents, friends, fellow competitors, and the world would think of him. 

Taking the road less traveled is never easy, especially when you’re the one who has to blaze the trail. Today, we will hear Rob’s story and experience of living without compromise and how the weight we carry is not always made of iron and steel.

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Without Compromise