• Miri Hardy: Two For The Trails Recipient

    Here at Athletic Brewing, we contribute up to $2 million annually to protect and restore local trails through our Two For The Trails program. Over the last handful of years, this initiative has impacted hundreds of local organizations and thousands of miles of trails. Today we wanted to highlight just one of those stories and the impact the funded project is having on the local community. 

    Miri Hardy, the executive director of Friends of Myakka River joins us for a rare in-person interview out in the state park where Two For The Trail funds will be used to develop much-needed trail signs to help backcountry travelers safely and confidently explore the park’s backcountry.  

    Miri’s personal story is also unique in that she had the curiosity and gumption to push herself to understand the complex and beautiful ecosystems deeper into the lesser-known parts of her local trails and her desire to help others do the same. 

    59m | Dec 1, 2023
  • Taku Kondo: The Outdoor Chef

    Taku creates delicious dishes from the freshest ingredients that nature provides. You can find him road-tripping through New Zealand, foraging for urchin on the coast of California, or catching and cooking salmon in Alaska. 

    He captures these amazing outdoor cooking experiences on his YouTube channel, Outdoor Chef Life. On today’s episode of Without Compromise, Taku is going to share how he got the idea and grew his channel into what it is today and how Athletic Brewing is a perfect fit for a freshly caught and cooked meal. 

    Check out his videos to join him on his adventures, where you can learn to cook some delicious meals, fillet different types of fish, harvest sustainably, camping tips, and more!

    To learn more about Athletic Brewing’s award-winning non-alcoholic craft beer, go to AthleticBrewing.com and follow us at @AthleticBrewing.

    44m | Nov 17, 2023
  • Jordan Burroughs: Wrestling for Gold (Replay)

    We first sat down with Jordan Burroughs on Without Compromise back in 2021. Last week, we interviewed him again, but this time, we hit the trail with him and his family. Check out that interview over on our new YouTube show, Take Two. 

    Watch here: https://athleticbrewing.com/pages/take-two.

    In conjunction with the new Take Two episode, we wanted to reshare the 2021 interview we had with Jordan on the podcast. Since the chat, he’s moved across the country, had another child, and won another world championship. 

    Jordan Burroughs has one of the most medaled and storied careers of any American wrestler. That feat hasn’t come easy, and it hasn’t come without its losses. However, it’s the day-to-day focus that Jordan credits keeping him on top of the competition well into his decade-long wrestling career. 

    Learn what makes Jordan tick, how he makes the most of his time on and off the mat, and what it means to him to live without compromise.

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    36m | Nov 3, 2023
  • Ellie Roebuck: Professional Footballer

    Today, we’re sitting down with professional footballer (soccer) for the England national team, Ellie Roebuck, who made it all the way to the finals this summer!

    Ellie has a wonderful story about growing up fast to chase her dream to what it was like being on the biggest stage in the world. 

    We’ll also learn about what she’s proud of outside of sports, as well as some of her favorite daily habits for living Without Compromise.

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    32m | Oct 20, 2023
  • Annie Brooks: The Road to Kona

    Annie is one of Athletic Brewing’s ambassadors based in the UK. She spends her free time training and racing triathlons, and through countless hours of hard work, she has qualified for the the IRONMAN Women’s World Championship in Kona next week!

    However, there’s an element to her story that’s very unique: she has epilepsy. You might think, “How can you race and train for thousands of hours with epilepsy? Could you fall at any point with a seizure?” Today, Annie is going to help us break down some of the misconceptions about epilepsy as well as what it means to live and thrive within an unforeseen reality. 

    No matter what you might be going through, Annie can teach us all something new about living Without Compromise. 

    Be sure to follow Annie’s progress and cheer her on next Sunday, October 14th, at the the IRONMAN Women’s World Championship!

    To learn more about Athletic Brewing’s award-winning non-alcoholic craft beer, go to AthleticBrewing.com and follow us at @AthleticBrewing. Find Athletic Brewing in the UK at UK.AthleticBrewing.com

    46m | Oct 6, 2023
  • Ken Rideout: NA Beer Mile & Gobi March Champion

    Ken Rideout has a story that sounds like a movie script. Starting out as a prison guard that didn’t get into running until his 30’s. Now in his 50’s, he’s faster than ever, and winning races all over the world. 

    This past spring he entered his very first ultra marathon, the 155-mile Gobi March. In addition to it being his first ultra, he had never camped before, but had to sleep on the ground each night of the adventure. Also, he won. 

    Less than a week later Ken entered the 2023 Beer Mile World Classic, which featured a celebrity race as part of the 9th annual event. The Celebrity NA Beer Mile was presented by Athletic Brewing featured a star-studded celebrity field. Ken also won that. 

    We’re going to chat today with Ken about his mindset, how he gets faster every year, and what keeps him confident and humble as he challenges himself in new ways on a regular basis. 

    To learn more about Athletic Brewing’s award-winning non-alcoholic craft beer, go to AthleticBrewing.com and follow us at @AthleticBrewing

    48m | Sep 21, 2023
  • Julia Cole: Country Music Rising Star

    After growing up in the musically diverse area of Houston, Julia found her taste in music to be a unique mix of authentic country and Houston rhythm and attitude. 

    Her own music performances began with filling in to sing the national anthem before her volleyball games in high school. After a shot-in-the-dark submission to sing the national anthem before a professional football game, she knew she had a talent destined for a bigger audience. 

    Fast forward a few years, and Julia has amassed over 200 million streams, is a CMT Next Women of Country, and played in The Grand Ole Opry, fulfilling her grandfather’s dream. 

    We catch up with Julia today to hear about the experience so far and how she stays the course in her rising fame, without compromise. 

    To learn more about Athletic Brewing’s award-winning non-alcoholic craft beer, go to AthleticBrewing.com and follow us at @AthleticBrewing.

    50m | Sep 8, 2023
  • D'Mitri Emmanuel: A College Football Game Changer

    When D'Mitri enrolled to play "football," his parents anticipated the familiar UK version they were accustomed to. Little did they know, in the US, that term refers to an entirely different sport that involves padding, helmets, and lots of contact. However, D'Mitri, being a sizeable kid (nicknamed "Big Meech"), not only embraced American football but excelled at it.

    Taking on the role of an offensive lineman for one of the nation's most renowned Division 1 programs, D'Mitri stands as a formidable presence on the field. Despite their pivotal role, the offensive line often operates in the shadows without due recognition. In today's episode, we're dedicated to spotlighting the true game changers, exemplified by Big Meech himself.

    31m | Aug 25, 2023
  • Aaron Stasiak: The Qualified Captain

    If you're a boater or just getting into it, chances are you've heard of the Qualified Captain (@thequalifiedcaptain), the Instagram page dedicated to viral clips showing folks doing everything wrong with their boats. Today we're sitting down with Aaron Stasiak, the founder of The Qualified Captain, to hear the story behind how this page got started, some of his craziest stories on the water, how he uses viral videos to educate people on the importance of boating safety, and what you can do to ensure you're never featured as a "qualified" captain.

    To learn more about Athletic Brewing’s award-winning non-alcoholic craft beer, go to AthleticBrewing.com and follow us at @AthleticBrewing

    32m | Aug 11, 2023
  • Ian deQueiroz: Rising Above Conflict

    In this episode of Without Compromise, we sit down with Ian, the resilient CEO of Sendy, an outdoor gear rental company that emerged amidst the turmoil of the Russian invasion in Ukraine, cofounded by adventure sports veterans Travis Rice and Cam Zink. Ian and his team exemplify the essence of living “Without Compromise" as they navigated through adversity, refusing to let the challenges of war hinder their dreams. 

    Join us as we uncover the inspiration behind Sendy's creation, the unique features that set it apart, and how Ian's unwavering team in Ukraine led to a triumphant launch, proving that even in the darkest moments of history, innovation and determination can shine brightly. 

    Tune in to this inspiring tale of turning hardships into opportunities and discover how Sendy became a beacon of hope for outdoor enthusiasts worldwide.


    Forbes Article about Sendy here

    To learn more about Athletic Brewing’s award-winning non-alcoholic craft beer, go to AthleticBrewing.com and follow us at @AthleticBrewing

    55m | Jul 28, 2023
  • Shelby Stanger: Will to Wild

    Shelby Stanger is passionate about how we can use the power of adventure to improve our mental wellbeing and live without compromise. The journalist-turned-podcaster’s work has appeared everywhere from Outside Magazine and CNN to ESPN and The San Diego Union Tribune. 

    In 2016, Shelby started the Wild Ideas Worth Living Podcast to dive deeper into stories of how adventure and nature changes us. The podcast is now owned by REI Co-op Studios, and Shelby, who has interviewed hundreds of adventurers, remains the host and creator of the show. 

    Shelby’s new book, Will to Wild is an instruction manual to adventure, inspired by all the lessons she has learned from guests of her podcast and personal adventures over the years. It’s the book she wishes she’d had when she’d first felt the urge to leap from familiar to wild terrain. The one that takes you step-by-step from the first inkling of inspiration for your own wild idea through fear and self-doubt and on to the finish line.

    Learn more about Shelby: 



    @ShelbyStanger on Instagram

    Wild Ideas Worth Living Podcast https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/wild-ideas-worth-living

    To learn more about Athletic Brewing’s award-winning non-alcoholic craft beer, go to AthleticBrewing.com and follow us at @AthleticBrewing.

    36m | Jul 14, 2023
  • Andrew Katz: Behind The Scenes

    Curious about what’s going on between Netflix and Athletic Brewing? Today we’re sitting down with our Chief Marketing Officer, Andrew Katz, to get some behind-the-scenes info on the amazing collaboration that’s kicking off with Geralt’s Gold, a beer inspired by Netflix’s, The Witcher. 

    Andrew has really…gotten into character with this partnership, to say the least…

    Beyond the partnership, we also get to hear Andrew’s story, what led him here to Athletic Brewing, making great tasting non-alcoholic beer available to anyone anytime, anywhere, just like our friends at Netflix. 

    Be sure to give Geralt’s Gold a try by ordering here

    Check out the Andrew in full suit on our new YouTube series, Toss a Can to Your Witcher.

    39m | Jun 30, 2023
  • Pete Ceglinski: Seabin Project

    We all know that trail pollution doesn't stop on land, and neither does our Two For The Trails program. Our partners over at Seabin are on a mission to clean the ocean, one Seabin at a time. What's a Seabin? Check out today's Without Compromise podcast episode with Seabin CEO and Co-Founder, Pete Ceglinski, to find out how this innovative idea got started, how Athletic Brewing is working with Seabin, and how you too can help rid the ocean of plastic pollution.

    To celebrate World’s Ocean Day last week, we had a team from our San Diego brewery to go check out the Athletic Brewing Seabin unit in Marina Del Rey. They analyzed the contents of the Seabin, sorted out the samples, and captured the data. It was an incredible day of seeing the Seabin in action!

    Learn more about Seabin here

    To learn more about Athletic Brewing’s award-winning non-alcoholic craft beer, go to AthleticBrewing.com and follow us at @AthleticBrewing

    ou can learn more about our Two For The Trails program at AthleticBrewing.com/pages/two-for-the-trails

    47m | Jun 16, 2023
  • Dave Chang: Ripe Pursuit

    Dave’s journey to culinary mastery and innovation was anything but ordinary. An early (and successful) pursuit of golf could have easily kept Dave out of the kitchen, but his desire to cook great food, and to do it in a new way, had him trading in his clubs and golf cart for spatulas and aprons, and never looking back.

    From betting his whole future on his first restaurant in 2004 to opening dozens of other restaurants since, the road of culinary innovation has kept him on his toes and unafraid to try new things. 

    His pursuit has led him to critically acclaimed works in television, writing, and podcasting, and obviously, restaurants.

    Listen in on today’s episode of Without Compromise to hear Dave’s story and be sure to check out Dave’s drink of the summer, Ripe Pursuit, a lemon-infused, radler-style brew at AthleticBrewing.com

    37m | May 19, 2023
  • Peter Feldman & Danielle Lugo: Laureus Sport For Good

    We all know sports are important for youth development and in turn, community development. Athletics does so much for society. In fact, we think so highly of the topic we named our company after it – Athletic Brewing.

    That said, we're excited to sponsor this year's Laureus Sports Emerging Leaders program! This program aims to identify and support the next generation of diverse leaders in sports-based youth development programs around the country. 

    For today’s Without Compromise episode, we sat down with Peter Feldman and a member of the 2023 cohort, Danielle Lugo, to learn more about the Emerging Leaders program and its impact firsthand. 

    Listen on the link below or anywhere you get podcasts!

    52m | May 5, 2023
  • Roxanne Peña Avant: Urban Surf 4 Kids

    This past week, Athletic Brewing’s west coast team headed to Fiesta Island for a beach cleanup in collaboration with Urban Surf 4 Kids, an organization that provides opportunities for healing and empowerment through surf therapy, mentorship, and life skills achievement programs for youth in foster and at-risk communities.

    We also had the opportunity to sit down with Roxanne Avant, the Executive Director of Urban Surf 4 Kids, for a chat about how the important work they’re doing and what she has learned there as a leader.

    No matter what path you’re pursuing without compromise, you’ll learn something valuable from Roxanne and be inspired by her dedication to make a positive change in the next generation through surfing. 

    Learn more about Urban Surf 4 Kids at urbansurf4kids.org

    To learn more about Athletic Brewing’s award-winning non-alcoholic craft beer, go to AthleticBrewing.com and follow us at @AthleticBrewing. You can learn more about our values at AthleticBrewing.com/pages/values

    51m | Apr 21, 2023
  • Jimmy DeCicco: Super Coffee Co-Founder

    Athletic Brewing's newest creation, Suped Up, was brewed in collaboration with Super Coffee, a leader in healthy, delicious alternatives to sugary coffee drinks. We had a chance to sit down and chat with Jimmy DeCicco, the Chief Brand Officer of Super Coffee, to learn more about their mission of spreading positive energy and the grind of endless grit, while building the business with his two younger brothers. No matter what progress you’re pursuing, Jimmy has some incredible wisdom for you and your journey. 

    Give Without Compromise a listen anywhere you get podcasts. 

    Suped Up extra dark comes in at 130 calories, with 5g of protein, 23g of carbs, 0g of fat, lightning bolts of flavor, and a rich, full-bodied finish. Suped Up is great for your pre-activity, post-activity, and everything in between. You can learn more about Suped Up here.

    44m | Apr 7, 2023
  • Rori Harmon: Point Guard of the Year Candidate

    With the college basketball tournaments in full swing, we wanted to check in with Athletic Brewing athlete, trailblazer, and one of the best point guards in the nation, Rori Harmon. After being named the Big 12’s Freshman of the Year and the Big 12 Tournament’s Most Outstanding Player in 2022, there was a lot of hype leading into this season. 

    Rori rose to the challenge by putting on a show all season in Texas, leading her team to be ranked as one of the top seeds going into the tournament as well as being selected as one of the best point guards in college basketball. 

    Today, we'll be diving into Rori's journey as a basketball player, how she got here, and her advice for those pursuing a life Without Compromise.

    To learn more about Athletic Brewing’s award-winning non-alcoholic craft beer, go to AthleticBrewing.com and follow us at @AthleticBrewing.

    30m | Mar 24, 2023
  • Saveria Tilden: AdventurUs Women

    When Saveria's fulfilling dream job disappeared, she knew she had to do something to get it back. Her solution was to launch AdventurUs Women and create life-changing experiences for women in the outdoors. The only problem was it was the fall of 2019, and the world was about to be flipped on its head. Join us today for a special interview with Saveria to hear how she navigated this journey, where it all started, and how being a Ladies Who Launch recipient has helped make this dream possible.

    Learn more about Saveria and Ladies who Launch at adventuruswomen.com and ladieswholaunch.org

    Try Trailblazer and all other Athletic Brewing non-alcoholic craft beers here

    42m | Mar 10, 2023
  • Erick Cedeño: Chasing the Buffalo Soldiers

    After the Civil War, in an experiment by the U.S. Army to determine the effectiveness of moving troops by bicycle, the all-Black 25th Infantry Regiment Bicycle Corps, known as the Buffalo Soldiers, was commissioned to embark on an expedition nearly 2,000 miles from Missoula, Montana, to St. Louis, Missouri. 

    The 1897 journey was dubbed “The Great Experiment” in national newspapers that cared to pay attention to the 41-day adventure, which crossed through some of the harshest conditions and terrain in the American West, spanning Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota, Nebraska, and Missouri. 

    To celebrate the 125th anniversary of this experiment and to start a movement to identify these brave men and bicycle travel pioneers, in 2022, Erick Cedeño, aka the Bicycle Nomad, retraced the route and history of the All-Black, bicycle-mounted 25th Infantry. 

    To learn more about Athletic Brewing’s award-winning non-alcoholic craft beer, go to AthleticBrewing.com and follow us at @AthleticBrewing.

    48m | Feb 24, 2023
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