Witchcraft Grenade

A fun podcast for the Witchcraft community where we do no harm. But take no shit. Pagan Topics, interviews with Pagan artists, authors, musicians and content creators! Co-hosted by Cloud the Pagan Rapper and Lady Bookdragon


Episode 16: 4/20 on 4/27, ( what had happened was...) w/ Mylinda Whitely
Show Details1hr 26min
Episode 15 Talking Psychic Witch w/ Mat Auryn
Show Details1hr 21min
Episode 14, Talking about the Creative Process w/ Mama Gina
Show Details1hr 18min
Episode 13 Witches Wine, and other Shenanigans
Show Details1hr 56min
Episode 12: Narcissism, Science, and Sea Shanties
Show Details1hr 10min
Episode 11 Witchcraft Grenade gets some Wood... David Wood that is.
Show Details1hr 41min
Episode 10 Tools of the Trade, Popables, and Other Nonsense
Show Details52min 47s
Episode 9 Yule, Sexy Recipe Reading and other Shenanigans
Show Details1hr 3min
Episode 8 , The Elemental Path, Science and Magick w Marc Sylvir
Show Details1hr 40min
Episode 7 Rattling Cages with Nightshayde
Show Details1hr 24min
Episode 6 Samhain and such.
Show Details1hr 7min
Episode 5 Social Media Witchcraft W/ Megan Black from Round the Cauldron
Show Details1hr 10min
Episode 4 Talking Digital Paganism with Ed Hubbard
Show Details1hr 13min
WItchcraft Grenade Episode 3 Mabon, Old Army Injuries and Invisalign
Show Details57min 34s
Episode 2 Boy Bands, Shadow Work, Do the Thing!!!!
Show Details54min 55s
Episode 1 Welcome to Witchcraft Grenade!!!!
Show Details1hr 26min