• Money

    On this episode we talk all about money!!! and weird people and the crazy wish lists they have.

    S1E13 - 52m - Apr 30, 2021
  • Airbrush Reviewed

    On this episode we brought back Mathew Burns from BabyBurnsCustoms Underscore. He tells us how the Items from Wish compares to the real deal and we discuss a lot of other great things. if you missed out on the earlier episodes go back and take a listen to those first.

    S1E12 - 1h 37m - Apr 16, 2021
  • Airbrush Feat. Babyburnscustoms_

    In this epic follow up we discuss Airbrush and Airbrush accessories with non other than the great artist himself Matt Burns from BabyBurnscustoms_

    S1E11 - 1h 15m - Apr 7, 2021
  • Airbrush Episode One Featuring BabyBurnsCustoms

    In this episode we do things a bit different. We have a special guest and artist Mat Burns form babyburnscustoms_. We sit down and interview him about the world of airbrushing and custom sneaker art. If you liked this episode and want to learn more about him head over to Instagram @babyburnscustoms_

    S1E10 - 29m - Mar 31, 2021
  • Bedroom

    On this weeks episode we explore The Bedroom. Well all the weird and normal shit that you can find on wish.com. Join us wont you!!

    S1E10 - 1h 7m - Mar 24, 2021
  • musical instruments reviewed

    Welcome Back Rockstar's!!! On this weeks episode we review the musical instruments we bought of wish. Listen to the whole episode or just the beginning and end for Zac's sweet sweet ocarina skills.

    S1E9 - 25m - Mar 17, 2021
  • Musical Instruments

    Hey come rock out with us on todays episode. we explore what wish has to offer in musical instruments. Thanks for listening Party On Rockstar's!!!

    S1E9 - 54m - Mar 10, 2021
  • Review: Kitchen

    On this episode we review the item we bought in the kitchen episode. If you do not want spoilers go back and take a listen to that ep. or listen to this one first then that episode. either way there both great!! Thanks again for listening we appreciate you!

    S1 - 20m - Mar 3, 2021
  • Kitchen

    On this episode we explore what Wish has cooking up in the kitchen. We explore all the gadgets and gizmos this crazy site has to offer. Also we give you the secret Blooming Onion dipping sauce recipe. Hint its near the end so either listen all the way through or just skip to that part either way thanks for listening. We hope you enjoy!!!

    S1E3 - 1h 6m - Feb 24, 2021
  • Review: Sunglasses

    In this bonus episode we review the sunglasses we ordered from the first episode. If you want to know more give that episode a listen first or second!

    S1E1 - 20m - Feb 17, 2021
  • Lube

    In this episode we explore wish for all it has to offer about lube, This episode has a lot of bad and dirty words.

    S1E2 - 1h 2m - Feb 10, 2021
  • Why Wish This

    In this episode we explain why we decided to produce Wish This! We explain how it works and what motivated us to get to this point and share our fascination with the Wish shopping app. We hope you enjoy.

    S1E1 - 50m - Feb 3, 2021
  • Sunglasses

    Today On Wish This we explore Sunglasses

    S1E1 - 46m - Jan 27, 2021
  • Trailer

    Welcome to Wish This Podcast! its 48 seconds take a listen.

    Music by lrobinson_sds from Pixabay

    E1 - 0m - Jan 4, 2021
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