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Wiser With Time

Good marriages and relationships are made here! Experience laughter, love and encouragement. For those who are seeking to heal their marriage or singles who are in preparation to be married, this show will teach biblical principals to promote and propel relationships while having fun. Learn the importance of health in the marriage as Ed and Yvonne dive into topics that transforms the mind!


11 Staying Healthy During Covid
Show Details24min 40s
10 Communication: Nagging And Not Feeling Heard
Show Details26min 34s
09 Is Marriage or Relationships 50/50 or 100/100?
Show Details32min 1s
08 Talking To Your Children About Sex
Show Details44min 9s
07 House Rules
Show Details26min 44s
06 How Important Is A Dad?
Show Details16min 20s
05 Where Do You Get Your Marital advice From?
Show Details18min 43s
04The Pros And Cons Of Cell Phones In A Marriage
Show Details36min 39s
03 The Importance Of Date Nights For Marrieds And Singles In A Relationship
Show Details31min 23s
02 A True College Love Story And Our Mistakes
Show Details38min 55s
01 Getting To Know Us!
Show Details11min 51s