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Winning With Cannabis

The relationship between athletes and Cannabis has long been decried for its perceived negative association. Thankfully, that misconception is being reshaped as athletes are now experiencing a certain form of liberation, one which has inspired them to move from the shadows and serve as advocates for the medicine that they deem so vital.

These stories are worthy of greater attention and will serve to help augment the discourse surrounding medicinal Cannabis. The Cannabis culture in sport deserves to be celebrated, not maligned, and these conversations which will move us in that direction.


Green House Healthy With CEO Heather DeRose
Show Details30min 21s
Rewind CBD with Rodney Wallace
Show Details42min 14s
Blue Island Yoga with Martha Triantafillides
Show Details36min 46s
The First Sanctioned Medical Cannabis Athlete
Show Details35min 43s
Total Health Care THC with Dr. Uma Dhanabalan
Show Details31min 1s
Anna Symonds
Show Details32min 14s
Snowboarding And Cannabis with Greta Gaines
Show Details34min 38s
Athletes For Care with Ryan VandenBussche
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BodyChek Wellness
Show Details37min 10s
CBD In the Recovery Community
Show Details33min 47s
The Bakeout with Frank "The Legend" Shamrock
Show Details33min 21s
The Key To Getting Off Painkillers
Show Details27min 7s
The First CBD Product For Golfers
Show Details34min 6s
Health And Wellness After The Game
Show Details32min 24s
An Alternative To Opiate Painkillers
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CTE and Cannabis: How It Can Save Football
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CBD: A Survivor Story
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Health, Wellness And, An Active Lifestyle
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The Champion Mindset
Show Details31min 17s
Marijuana: The Performance Enhancer
Show Details35min 34s
The Benefits Of Plant-Based Medicines For Treatment
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