• Wingin’ It! Episode 19: D*ck dancing at a rap concert

    In this episode, never watch a Nicolas Cage movie high and Spencer walks us through his five stages of being high, Andrew and Jacob recount their awful time at a School Boy Q concert, Andrew talks about being an only child vs. having a sibling, and Jacob is upset about how much food costs now. This episode is sponsored by the Mortician's Society of Canada and Latin America.

    1h 3m | Mar 16, 2022
  • Wingin’ It! Episode 18: Life and its magical wonders

    In this episode Jacob cracks a joke, Andrew wants to be a farmer, Spencer and Jacob discuss their new hobby and what makes something nerdy? Andrew learns what a brony is and self-discovery, the boys talk about the importance of sleep and walking in the daylight, Jacob drops some facts about Eastern European sleep schedules, would you rather be an explorer or an inventor? This episode is sponsored by Commando Undies

    1h 3m | Mar 9, 2022
  • Wingin’ It! Episode 17: Spencer’s Café

    In this episode Spencer welcomes everyone to his cafe, robots serve sushi, can you be an ethical billionaire? Spencer tries to sell us on a billion dollar pyramid scheme, have you ever had bad Five Guys? Would you rather be enslaved by space robots or aliens? Jacob hosts the first segment of Box Talk, and the boys talk about saving money.

    1h 5m | Mar 2, 2022
  • Wingin’ It! Episode 16: Jacob is a Stretcher

    In this episode the boys realize just how bad they are at accents, Jacob's unique sense of humour, the good old days of Scholastic book fairs, why we should bring back lava lamps, Andrew recalls being in the zone while jumping rope and his trauma from doing improv in high school, Spencer does his best Dr. Steve Brule, who would win in a fight in WWF vs WWE? Spencer recounts his attempt at getting his motorcycle licence, and Jacob talks about his new bike.

    1h 4m | Feb 23, 2022
  • Wingin' It! Episode 15: Bidet Roulette

    In this episode, the boys try to summon Owen Wilson by saying “wow” 3 times, Spencer tells the story about a clogged toilet, Andrew reads the mystical and mysterious urban legend of the poop knife, Spencer says he’s bidet for pay, the boys talk about starting their own podcasts including Jacob starting the Jacob Experience, is Ryan Reynolds a paid actor? The boys try to figure out what colour blindness is and if someone farted or was it the dump?

    1h 1m | Feb 16, 2022
  • Wingin' It! Episode 14: A Socker Bopper Knuckle Sandwich

    In this episode Spencer talks about how he became Spender Hayward and his past life as a magician, Andrew thinks people need to get over Harry Potter, why was the Socker Boppers commercial so sexual? Andrew tells the story about why he hates the term knuckle sandwich, can you only get a Nintendo Switch if you split on one with your partner? Andrew questionably says he wants to shoot Pokémon, the boys issue a correction about some facts they got wrong in their last episode, Jacob tries to eat a huge burrito, and Andrew learns the importance of fibre. This episode is proudly sponsored by Winging' It! use code Wingin' It! for 38 % off your next episode of Wingin' It!

    1h 7m | Feb 9, 2022
  • Wingin' It! Episode 13: Spencer and the Spuds

    In this episode the boys talk about starting a band and Andrew says bands with a lot of members make him uncomfortable, is Oliver Tree real? Can Sia see? Why did Milli Vanilli lie to everyone? How come Jacob likes French-Belgian pop singers? Spencer is tired of you DM’ing him random things and discusses how to cut things out of your life that you don’t like, Spencer is learning guitar but won’ t play Wonderwall, shoutout Down With Webster, Shakira joins us for a bit, Spencer recalls his fondness for listening to the Note Book on tape and Andrew doesn’t like dinosaurs. This episode is proudly sponsored by Corey the Incredible. Use code Wingin' It! for 30% signed Corey the Incredible merch.

    1h 4m | Feb 2, 2022
  • Wingin’ It! Episode 12: Andrew was supposed to be on Ellen

    In this episode the boys attempt to plant a garden in your mind, Spencer describes in graphic detail losing his virginity, Andrew thinks about what the reduce part of reduce, reuse, recycle means and how big industry doesn’t want you to know about reduce, Andrew tells the story of a comedian who stole $100,000s and scammed an entire highschool drama class, Jacob asks if organs should be sold legally, the boys talk their dream jobs from their childhood, and Spencer recalls his long lost fedora. This episode is sponsored by Birdbath.com use code Wingin’ It! for free water on your next Birdbath.com purchase.

    1h 4m | Jan 26, 2022
  • Wingin’ It! Episode 11: Immature Soybean

    In this episode the boys try to figure out what a bean is, Jacob would rather have a camera up in his anus than his nose, Spencer reveals that fart bags are actual medical devices, Andrew learns what the word craft means in craft beer, pizza pockets vs hot pockets, which team ya got? Andrew discusses the fine art of creating a calzone, the boys coin a new insult, and what happened to there being good comedy movies?

    1h 2m | Jan 19, 2022
  • Wingin’ It! Episode 10: DC Shoes and a Dream

    The boys talk about their first impressions of each other and their extensive history playing and being good at sports. Also, why can’t we play hockey on the Rideau Canal? Spencer reveals Eastern Ontario’s best kept secret, a petting zoo on ice, Andrew learns how flamingos walk, the boys talk about their secret fight moves, Jacob tells the story of the yellow raincoat, should you push when you pee? Using their profound knowledge, Wingin’ It! discusses the pros and cons of homeschooling.

    1h 1m | Jan 12, 2022
  • Wingin’ It! Episode 9: Underwater Prom

    In this episode Spencer and Andrew reflect on being less of a piece of shit than the day before, Andrew talks about how bad the proms were at his school and how one was underwater, how much better after-prom is than actual prom, Spencer discusses the origin story of his Spider-Man costume, the ability to appreciate isolation and time to yourself, Andrew recalls a time when he interviewed people and wrote stories.

    1h 1m | Jan 5, 2022
  • Wingin’ It! Episode 8: Tim Hortons Cigarette

    In this episode Jacob and Andrew get into weird shit people collect, Jacob confesses to never having played the recorder while he was in elementary school, why does Tim Hortons have the largest gathering of smokers? They got weed seltzers now, Andrew talks about his experience “greening out”, Andrew recounts the time he had his appendix removed, being an introvert vs. an extrovert, Jacob talks about starting an ASMR series with workplace sounds and washing his keyboard under a tap and Jacob tries to push coconut water like it’s 2013.

    1h 3m | Dec 22, 2021
  • Wingin’ It! Episode 7: The Holy Grail J,B,A,S

    Jacob says this is episode 6 but it isn’t, Jacob introduces his new podcast segment: Conversation Dimple, where the boys dive headfirst into whether human cloning should be legal and if it is moral or immoral, spoiler alert: The Prestige is a guy cloning himself, Andrew tries to get people to watch It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia but no one cares, Ben explains the best way to get out of traffic tickets, Andrew talks about the time he got Taco Bell for the low low, Spencer talks about going on lovely dates, Andrew refuses to let Spencer forget he used to break into his and Jacob’s house. Thank you for joining usssssuh.

    1h 5m | Dec 15, 2021
  • Wingin’ it! Episode 6: Meat Left Out

    In this episode Andrew spills his cold brew, Spencer says the podcast isn’t bad but not good and the boys discuss how using the phrase “not bad” can describe most things, Spencer explains waifus to Andrew, Andrew and Spencer try to recount the first time they met, Spencer talks about ice breakers at a party, Andrew doesn’t think comedians should wear leather jackets, dressing for the mood you want not the mood you have, Andrew and Spencer wonder how they didn’t die from eating left out meat, Mike Myers just kinda dipped on us, huh?

    1h 1m | Dec 8, 2021
  • Wingin’ It! Episode 5: Not bad, Not Terrible

    The boys discuss if Andrew is at least smarter than a 3rd grader but possibly not a 5th grader while Spencer boasts that he definitely is smarter than a 5th grader, will Andrew’s rib ever heal? Spencer provides some healthcare tips and tricks, Andrew doesn’t care about other people who have it harder than him, Spencer eats trail mix live, the boys get into the mind of an anti-vaxxer, Spencer fucks with sour gummies and talks about his Hawaiian awakening, and the boys open some doors.

    1h 8m | Dec 1, 2021
  • Wingin’ it! Episode 4: Built Like a Brick Shithouse 

    In this episode Andrew describes himself as a spider laying a web of conversation, Spencer talks about how scary movies are scary, the boys talk about what they would do during a zombie apocalypse, Spencer comes up with a new Wingin’ It! theme song and talks about his old modeling gigs, Andrew talks about never having a role model growing up, and the boys discuss what it means to have your life together before they spiral into arguing about tv shows from their youth.

    1h 6m | Nov 25, 2021
  • Wingin’ it! Episode 3: Double Down w/ Ben

    Are we finally over The Office? Is the show called Squirt Game or Squid Game? The boys try to come up with a new podcast format, Andrew tries to learn more about anime, the boys remember when Tiger King was a thing and try to get into the head of a killer, Andrew defends the scientific fact that the KFC Double-Down is actually healthier than a regular chicken sandwich (because no buns), Spencer recalls his fondness for a gas station Quiznos.

    1h 2m | Nov 17, 2021
  • Wingin' It: Episode 2: Salt n Vinegar Chips

    In this episode the boys talk about pods, cereal, a sandwich Andrew ate, what a doctor is, original Netflix shows, and some old old 1980s and 1990s movies. Andrew also interviews Spencer about his big showdown battle vs. his brother. The fight of the century.

    1h 8m | Nov 10, 2021
  • Wingin’ it! Episode 1: Self-entitled Witches

    In this episode the boys get a little spooky. Andrew talks about his close encounter with a pagan, the problem with witches, and the boys' favourite chips. Andrew staunchly defends Big Foot's existence while Jacob uses Bing to list all the scary Big Foots in the world. Finally, the boys appropriate British culture by reading British passages in British accents.

    1h 6m | Nov 3, 2021
  • Wingin’ it! Episode 16: Celebrate Sweet Sixteen

    The boys dive into love languages and how they show and express their affection. We learn the catfish is the most common fish you can catch on the internet. Also do the stars determine our personality and life cycles? Tune in to the final episode of season 1 of Wingin' It! Link in bio

    1h 8m | Aug 11, 2021
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