Winged Badger Tavern

Wondrous Podcast (requires attunement by a listener)

To attune this +2 podcast of listening, you must first be interested in the tabletop rpg Dungeons & Dragons.

After one episode, the listener may experience laughter and enjoyment at a high enough level to move their disposition one step towards the positive (for example, an indifferent listener may find their attitude has changed to friendly).

After the second episode, the listener will experience a permanent +1 to their intelligence score for all skill checks pertaining to the game Dungeons & Dragons, caused by the discussion of how the game is played, different variant rules and homebrew options, and ways to become a better player or game master. At this point, the listener is fully attuned to the Winged Badger Tavern.

Regulars at the tavern include Josh, Matt, Jake, and Wash. The actual campaign they're playing takes place in a homebrew world that the chat helped create on the twitch channel WingedBadgerGaming, and is interactive when listened too from that same channel.


The One With Aulen's Friends
Show Details1hr 56min
The One Where Someone Out-Edgys Fox
Show Details2hr 22min
What Does It All MEAN?? [Tavern Talk]
Show Details1hr 57min
The Oneshot Where Washburnello is DM
Show Details3hr 21min
The One Where Jeb Gets Hype For Crypto
Show Details2hr 52min
The One Where Fox Gets Big And Xoth Turns Blue
Show Details2hr 23min
How Do You Concept A New Character? [Tavern Talk]
Show Details2hr 36min
The One Where Xoth Teaches Mushrooms How To Vibe
Show Details1hr 58min
Can Politics Play Well In Your Campaign? [Tavern Talk]
Show Details2hr 42min
The One Where Everyone Meets Everyone Else
Show Details2hr 17min